‘Guru Tattva’ Sets Out to Help the World Achieve Bliss By Offering 8 Days Online Mega Meditation

December 21 22:24 2020
'Guru Tattva' Sets Out to Help the World Achieve Bliss By Offering 8 Days Online Mega Meditation
Guru Tattva’s online meditation program is characterized by the question, “Would you like to embark upon a divine journey towards bliss this Christmas?”

A rare and unique opportunity has arisen to attend an 8 days collective Online Mega Meditation event called Mahashivir to be broadcast live daily from 23rd to 30th December from 6am to 8am (IST) on Youtube.com/Gurutattva and www.gurutattva.org. There is also a repeat broadcast in evening from 6pm – 8pm which will have English subtitles. This Online programme will be conducted in Hindi language by the Enlightened Master His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami. He will share the 800 years old spiritual knowledge which he acquired from several Yogis during his 16 years of dedicated spiritual practice in the Himalayas, and has now devoted his life in passing on this priceless wisdom to others.

“Our belief that some ‘Guru’ can make me improve, some Guru can solve my problems or some Guru can bestow me with the state of moksha (liberation) – these beliefs are wrong. Your original ‘Guru’ is your soul. Hence, if you wish to meet your ‘soul’, to know it; if you wish to make your own soul your ‘Guru’, then you can participate in the Samarpan Mega shibir while sitting at home from 23 December to 30 December daily from 6 to 8 am and in the evening from 6 to 8 pm on the YouTube channel ‘Guru Tattva’ and you yourself can make your own soul your ‘Guru’ – that is your original Guru. It is my pure wish that you yourself become your own Guru”, His Holiness Shree Shiv Krupanand Swami.

The Himalayan Meditation is more popularly known as Samarpan Dhyanyog or Samarpan Meditation, and since its inception in 1994, the Spiritual Master has been sharing this 800 year old divine wisdom with the world free of cost. The event will also include discourses, and on the final day a special meditation and collective prayer will be held to help towards humanity dealing with and overcoming coronavirus. 

“Meditation has helped me in more ways than one. It has taught me to be mindful of all things on this planet and universe. It has helped me to cope with everyday life and become more resilient. I recommend the 8 days Mega Meditation highly as I know once you start learning and experiencing the pure spiritual energy, you won’t ever look back”, Sharon Govind

Samarpan Meditation can be practiced by people from all religions and beliefs as it is not bound to a particular religion. This meditation was especially developed for people who live in midst of society with family, work and the various societal duties. The meditation practice can simply be added to our daily life without the need to change anything. This path does not have any rules and regulations as the positive transformation happens from inside out. 

“Meditation has opened my eyes to a whole new world and helped me see light where there was darkness in my life. I now understand my purpose in life better and that is to make other people’s lives better, and to continuously bring out the best in myself. I would highly recommend meditation to anyone and everyone as it can offer powerful transformation”, Jiten Raja.  

Samarpan Meditation contains the knowledge to go within and realize our true self which is our Soul. Through a regular 30-minute-meditation-practice, gradually, the influence of our Soul becomes stronger. And we can live our life under the guidance of our own Soul which is all knowing and provides you with access to higher wisdom and knowledge about what to do and what not to do whilst living our lives. In this way, we can create a more harmonious and satisfied life through making balanced decisions and developing stronger values. 

“I have been following the Samarpan meditation path since 2001 and found it to be an easy, simple and extremely powerful technique. It has helped me to experience ongoing inner peace, develop my intuition and increase my general wellbeing on all levels. I thoroughly enjoy the value-based teachings taught by Shivkrupanand Swami that help bring out the humanitarian qualities in each one of us,” Dr Honey Kalaria

A largely increasing number of valid scientific studies show beneficial effects of meditation on health. Samarpan Meditation is simple and can be easily practiced by all. Unlike the other techniques of meditation, it doesn’t involve any complex breathing techniques or yoga.

“The 8 Days Online Mega Meditation is a great opportunity to learn invaluable lessons from an enlightened spiritual master. Samarpan meditation has helped me change my life by becoming more calmer, more focused and has helped me to look inwards rather than outwards,” Dilip Patel

The programme is completely free of cost and aims to contribute to inner peace and balance, especially during the current pandemic during which many people are facing stress and fear. Furthermore, for situations which are not in our control, such as the current pandemic, meditation is a wonderful tool to stay balanced, joyful and peaceful even amidst challenging situations. Samarpan Meditation is practiced in 70 different countries and thousands of people around the world will be joining the online Mahashibir from 23rd – 30thDecember. 

“During these challenging times, this is a rare opportunity to connect to a spiritual master who can bring positivity in our lives. From my experience the benefits I had received through regular meditation has been clarity of thinking, balanced emotions and being able to enjoy success in all areas of life”, Dhiresh Sachdev

Guru Tattva is a global platform working towards the overall development of human beings by sharing divine wisdom and spiritual knowledge of self-realisation through their online channel. Interested people can find more information at https://gurutattva.org/mahashivir/.

All the updates regarding Mahashivir will be posted regularly on Facebook and Instagram @gurutattvameditation

To learn more about meditation visit www.samarpanmeditation.org.

For further information – Contact Honey Kalaria on [email protected] / 07850 875087

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