Trifusion Tactical Launches New Website to Expand Online Sales

December 22 03:54 2020
Trifusion Tactical Launches New Website to Expand Online Sales

December 21, 2020 – In a time of a severe ammo shortage here in the USA, the newest ammunition manufacturer, Trifusion Tactical offers their products at just the right time. But what makes Trifusion different, is that they offer their ammo and reloading primers for sale on their website.

That’s right, it’s now possible to buy ammo online for rifles and pistols, pending the proper FFL paperwork is uploaded, and customers are at least 21 years of age but not residing in one of the restricted states. The company is offering pre-orders on some products, but their steady supply of Unis Ginex primers are in stock and already selling like crazy.

The company’s owners, Bobby B and Mike V are both United States military veterans and have a complete manufacturing operation based in Broken Arrow, just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. After clearing all the hurdles, they have finally brought their expertise of high-quality ammo to the market.

The guys met back in 2013 and started their first business together, a construction company specializing in foundation repair. As local community leaders, the two grew their business to become the best in Northeastern Oklahoma, and have always dreamed of pursuing their passion for the outdoors, hunting and target shooting, by starting their own operation in this critical time.

Bobby is an Air Force veteran and has spent over 15 years in Afghanistan as a private contractor supporting the fight on terrorism. His vast knowledge of the industry is a driving force behind the in’s and out’s of developing such high-quality products. Things like grain count, metal quality and velocity rating are important factors when creating such products, and the guys put their experience to work when implementing the most stringent quality control process for their products.

Mike is a Tulsa native and an outdoorsman at heart, having spent many years as a Boy Scouts leader. He has taught his own children the same values that his Boy Scouts experience brought to him, not to mention his passion for hunting, fishing, and hiking the mountains with his family. The two really complement each other in their endeavor and hope for the utmost success of this journey together.

Mike and Bobby are committed to keeping their company involved and giving back to the men and women who fight to keep the USA free and safe.

A list of the type of caliber and arms that Trifusion Tactical manufactures for, including small pistol primers, is available on their new website along with many other products available in bulk and wholesale to support shooters and outdoor enthusiasts.

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