Enjoy The Christmas Lights With a Dream Limousine Festive Tour

December 22 04:24 2020
Enjoy The Christmas Lights With a Dream Limousine Festive Tour

Once again, the holidays have arrived. Many insist this is the most wonderful time of the year. People go out of their way for shopping experiences that just don’t happen at other times of the year. Families make plans for get-togethers filled with fun, food, and fellowship. For the little ones, anticipation builds over the surprises Santa Claus might leave under the tree on Christmas Eve night while they’re dreaming of what tomorrow holds in store.

Each family has its own special holiday traditions. Some devote Christmas Eve to baking cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats. Others spend quality time together making homemade ornaments. Many choose a specific night to drive around town gazing at all the beautiful lighted displays nearby homes and businesses have created to thrill passersby. If someone falls into the latter category or would like to make this a family tradition, Dream Limousines, Inc. can make it happen.

Make a Limousine Tour Part of the Holidays

Dream Limousines is a Detroit-based limo company that offers a wide range of tours and rentals. With a dedication to customer satisfaction, the company has an extensive fleet of limousines and group transport vehicles designed to meet virtually any travel needs and desires. From weddings and proms to holiday Christmas light tours, they cover it all. Tours and other services can be booked at https://dreamlimousinesdetroit.com/.

Looking Back at the History of Christmas Lights

No one is quite sure of exactly when or why the tradition of decorating a tree for Christmas started. According to some lore, the first Christmas tree was a tribute to Santa on what was supposed to be his last night of delivering toys to children. Then, the spirits of the forest intervened and bestowed upon him the Mantle of Immortality, ensuring he would forever be able to make his Christmas Eve rounds. Of course, that’s only one theory.

Lighting a Christmas tree doesn’t date back quite so far. This practice began several hundred years after Kris Kringle became immortal. At first, people used candles to light their trees. By some accounts, a family elder would light all the candles for the family to enjoy. After a few moments, though, they blew out the flames to prevent an unfortunate house fire. Festive strands of electric Christmas lights didn’t come into play until the late 1800s.

Initially, the concept of strings of electric lights was introduced by Edward Johnson. At the time, he was working with Thomas Edison. His new product wasn’t exactly meant for Christmas ornamentation. It was simply designed to produce light. Still, others saw the potential for winding such products around a Christmas tree and displaying them in other areas to ramp up the holiday festivities. From there, Christmas lights progressively got smaller and more colorful and paved the way for the extravagant displays that can now be enjoyed via tours from https://dreamlimousinesdetroit.com/contact-us/.

Enjoy the Lights from a Different Perspective

Everyone has numerous ways to view the local holiday light displays at this point. The family could gather or view with a special someone, and take a walking tour. Alternatively, people could fill up the minivan and drive around to look at the lights. That said, renting a limousine and having a chauffeur do the driving so everyone can take in the experience may very well be the better, more exciting option.

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