People Suffer From Arthritis and Use Functional Medicine For Relief

December 22 04:51 2020
People Suffer From Arthritis and Use Functional Medicine For Relief

Many people who suffer from arthritis are ditching traditional medicine and are instead turning towards functional medicine to find relief. Traditional medicine treats the person’s symptoms and focuses on that problem one area that the patient is having issues with. The treatment plan is usually a list of risky medications and a patient’s lifestyle and diet choices are never factored in. Doctors who specialize in traditional medicine do what they can to make the patient as pain-free as possible, but little is done in the area of prevention.

Functional Medicine Treats the Entire Person

Functional medicine instead focuses on the root cause of the condition and works on preventing symptoms altogether. Doctors who work in functional medicine, such as those who work at Progressive Medical Center treat the person and their entire body all at once, instead of focusing on one portion of the person. Functional medicine physicians understand that the root cause of the problem can be another issue that appears to be non-related. The goal is to help the body heal itself as much as possible so that the person doesn’t have to deal with the side-effects of arthritis daily. 

Treating Arthritis With Functional Medicine

The traditional approach to treating arthritis is to give the patient pain medication. While this can temporarily help the person to feel better, it does nothing to prevent the pain or to treat the underlying cause of arthritis. Pain medicine can also be hard on the body and over time can damage the patient’s organs or gut. This is very different from the approaches discussed at

Function medicine physicians look at all aspects of the patient and try to get them in the best health possible. Learn more at The patient may be given a healthy meal plan and a list of nutrients and vitamins that they need to start consuming. The doctors will determine which type of arthritis the person has, and work with them to tackle the disorder head-on with a focus on prevention, healing, and treatment. Doctors will aim to treat the entire person as a whole and not use a treatment plan that could end up causing other health problems later on for the patient.

Don’t Save the Best Treatment for Last

In conclusion, traditional medicine tends to focus on the after-effects of a disease or a disorder, while functional medicine aims to treat the person as a whole and prevent the problem altogether. Some people assume they need to try traditional methods first and then give functional medicine a try. Many people who start with functional medicine find the relief they seek, and never need to try a traditional treatment plan. Save time and money by skipping the traditional pain management route and going straight to the route of prevention.

Progressive Medical Center offers functional medicine care and serves people from all across the state of Georgia. Instead of receiving care from one doctor, their board-certified physicians work as a team on patient care. All physicians at the facility specialize in natural medicine and believe that given the right conditions that the body can work wonders towards healing itself.

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