For Almost 40 Years Now, BrainSpeak® Continues to Create the Most Powerful Personal Development Tools

December 23 01:24 2020
Its unique Sound Pattern Technology enhances brain function that results in rapid learning and behavior change.

Perhaps the only good thing brought about by the global Covid-19 pandemic is that it gave most people more time for themselves after being forced to stay home. As most leisure establishments like movie theatres, bars and restaurants, live sports, and theme parks are temporarily shut down, US citizens of all ages turned to the Internet for entertainment and learning. Some learned new hobbies, while others learned new languages. But a good number of netizens opted for self-help or personal development programs. However, while there is a bounty of personal development products available, BrainSpeak® is the authority in personal development and life transformation programs as validated by its almost 40 years in the industry.

BrainSpeak® boasts of a unique and exclusive Sound Pattern Technology, also known as “Psycho-acoustics,” developed by the late neuroscientist John-David, which is intended to balance and enhance brain function that facilitates faster learning. Using special microphones and a process designed by a team of experts in audio engineering, anatomy and micro-electronics, BrainSpeak® Sound technology allows the listener to perceive sound in three dimensions (left-right, front-back, and up-down) – both inside and outside the brain – which maximizes the psycho-acoustical impact of sound vibration in the skull. John-David developed his cutting-edge sound and subliminal technology by using a minimum of seven levels, creating an unsurpassed blend of audible and inaudible tracks for mind re-education. Brain re-education occurs when specific sound vibrations combine with positive subliminal messages to stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain. This creates more neural pathways and anchors in new thought patterns.

“BrainSpeak® Sound Technology is the single most effective way to balance and enhance brain function. So, not only do the sound patterns balance but they stimulate specific regions of the brain that facilitate rapid learning and behavior change,” said CEO and publisher Peter Julian.

Since the birth of BrainSpeak® in the 80’s, the company has developed many advanced personal development tools such as Brain/Mind Expansion Intensive, Eliminate Self Sabotage, Environmental Learning, and Ultra Intelligence.

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BrainSpeak® is a recognized leader in creating personal development tools that balance and enhance brain function to generate quick learning and behavioral change.

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