Estolano Law is Providing Personalized and Reliable Legal Solutions in California

December 23 02:09 2020
Estolano Law is Providing Personalized and Reliable Legal Solutions in California

Estolano Law provides high-quality legal services in Chula Vista. They have extensive experience in offering excellent services to their clients. The firm represents clients in state and federal court for various criminal matters, including misdemeanor, juvenile, and many more areas. Ray Estolano, the firm’s founder, has been voted the best attorney by readers of Chula Vista Star News on several occasions.

Offering tips for finding a good child custody attorney, the company spokesperson said, “Separation leading to divorce is among the important things that affect one’s life. It becomes more stressful when children are involved. Since there are numerous cases that are against a child’s best interest, clients need to look for the best child custody attorney. Here are some tips for finding a good child custody lawyer. Clients should look for attorneys who have some extra patience and compassion if they intend to have face to face meetings with the lawyer. They should look for lawyers who are well equipped to handle a case. Individuals should hire attorneys who provide reasonable rates.”

Divorce is usually a time-consuming process. Thus, parties involved in a divorce case should know more about the divorce to make the process easier to navigate. Clients should seek the services of a divorce attorney to ensure that they make the right decisions for themselves and their children. With the help of a lawyer, clients may not appear in court because they have come to an agreement on how their divorce may be handled. Those looking for the best divorce lawyer in Chula Vista can contact Estolano Law. The firm offers personalized legal services to its clients.

Speaking about the factors affecting child support in California, the company spokesperson said, “Child support refers to court-ordered payments for children to sustain and maintain them as they were before the parents separated. Child support cases can be a stressful process for couples. Some of the factors that affect child support include both parents’ income, the number of kids, health insurance expenses, daycare expenses, and many more. For any child custody case to succeed, there should be an open court case for divorce to determine the amount that goes to child support. To know more about child support, clients can contact our law firm.”

Are they looking for a family law lawyer in Chula Vista? Estolano Law is a law firm that handles various aspects of family law, including child custody, paternity actions, child support, divorce, and many more. They are always ready to represent clients in their most important cases. The firm is committed to offering the most effective solutions for clients, their spouses, and children. Clients can schedule a consultation with the firm’s lawyers to get legal advice on their family law case.

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Estolano Law offers legal representation in family law, immigration, and criminal defense cases. They have a team of highly skilled attorneys who work closely with clients to find a solution that works best for them.

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