Behind The Curtain: Restyled by Izzy, Disrupting Fashion

December 23 03:36 2020
Behind The Curtain: Restyled by Izzy, Disrupting Fashion

December 22, 2020 – For the casual and avid shopper, Restyled by Izzy has been a rapidly growing hub for luxury resale fashion garments. From designer clothing, shoes, bags, to accessories, Restyled by Izzy has been committed to helping fashion enthusiasts adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Izzy Polanco founded the company in 2020 just before the COVID pandemic took hold of the nation’s economy. While many in the industry lost hope for their futures, Izzy remained steadfast and created a thriving business out of her passion for fashion. Though only established less than a year, Izzy is no stranger to the resale business, she has been at it for years before taking the leap and opening a 1,400 square foot warehouse to broaden her inventory. “What I love about resale is the act of taking a used/second-hand-new garment, to personalize, view differently and making it your own. I lovingly call this ‘fashion preservation’. I will always strive to provide timeless pieces for my clients that evoke self-expression which will in turn keep the revolving door of iconic fashion rotating,” stated Izzy.

Today, Restyled by Izzy has become a popular destination for top resale fashion garment enthusiasts. Izzy’s aim is to help people become, as she puts it, “unapologetic about resale shopping”. 

The Restyled by Izzy brand embodies founder Izzy Polanco’s personal love and enthusiasm for resale as well as her passion for the resale market and dedication to introducing her customers to that lifestyle. On her website, she mentions three (3) reasons why resale deals are a no-brainer. She calls these reasons “the three whys” and they include: sustainability, individuality, and the ability to stretch a buck.

Just about the same time Izzy Polanco was named one of the city’s best dressed by St. Louis Magazine, she had already begun to couple her eye for style with the re-style market for luxury fashion garments.

Combining her own intuition in fashion trends along with consumers’ desire to look fantastic at a reasonable price has made Izzy one of the nation’s fashion influencers. As a result her online store, has become the absolute go-to portal in this exploding niche.

And, exactly what is Izzy’s ‘secret behind the curtain’?

“Pretty basic,” she says. “We stock beautiful, preowned high-end apparel and accessories at fantastic prices. Our inventory features items from giants like Nordstrom, Revolve and other luxury brands”.

The 31-year old points out that “fashion trends are changing faster than people’s minds, and I am just helping them stay ahead of the game with quality, high-end apparel at drastically reduced prices. I want everyone to be a winner when they visit us and shop at And, so far, everyone has!”

Products on Restyled by Izzy range from pristine consigned luxury items, liquidated clothing inventory, hype streetwear, vintage pieces, formal wear, coats, footwear, and accessories. “Consumers long for variety. We are our most photographed generation in history … every event requires a fresh, hot look for our social feeds. Restyled By Izzy gives my customers just that”, said Izzy. 

Resale shopping is a sustainable practice that contributes to recycling and reducing manufacturing waste while minimizing the carbon footprint of humans on the planet. It preserves fashionable trends and brings haute couture to the budget shopper.Resale customers benefit by avoiding the big retail price tags and in turn, get ‘more for less’ which equates to ‘quality over quantity’.

Long before the COVID-forced lockdown, driven by her mission to create a sustainable marketplace, Izzy was well aware of the negative effects fast fashion had on the planet. As a result, she got a head start on developing her business model to do her part in making a change. “With the American economy reaching record lows due to the lockdowns and suspension of businesses, I naturally imagined that people would want to spend less money on clothes if they could. It was the perfect time to introduce them to my world of resale luxury apparel and I was thrilled to deliver it to them. Since the inception of Restyled by Izzy, the success has been tremendous. I hope to reach even more customers across the globe and convert them from being fast fashion buyers to resale shoppers,” stated Izzy.


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