“Snookums and Squiddle” by Julie Abnett Presents Happy Life, Adventures and the Goodness of Home

December 23 03:48 2020

There is nothing like an adventurous journey to inculcate important learnings in children. Their fertile imagination takes on new wings, bringing along education with fun. Such is the new story, “Snookums and Squiddle” by Julie Abnett, which features two adorable dogs, Snookums and Squiddle, and their little masters, Tom and Molly.

Tom and Molly live in the country. One morning, while playing outside, Tom and Molly can’t locate their pet rabbit, Fluffy. Eager to locate Fluffy, they take their two dogs, Snookums and Squiddle, on what turns out to be the first of their many great adventures.

The journey with Snookums and Squiddle introduces children to some fascinating animal life. The interesting things will also make readers feel like their fairy tales have come alive. On the way back, Tom and Molly consider themselves lucky to live in the country. As they enter the big gate and go past their mother’s lovely roses and smelt the flavors of her cooking, they understand the simple truth, ‘It’s good to be home.’

My book is not the average run-of-the-mill children’s story. Though there aren’t a lot of pictures, this is a beautiful book that sends young children’s imagination on a wonderful adventure. It’s a journey that educates in many wonderful ways,” says Julie.

The book is intended for children between four to eight years old. Its core message is that country children discover and find the magic that makes them lucky compared to those who live in the cities. 

“Snookums and Squiddle” by Julie Abnett is available from Amazon in Kindle edition.

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