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December 23 04:18 2020

Protection: The most basic function of the packaging, so that the product is not damaged by various external forces. A product has to go through many steps before reach a counter in the shopping mall or a store, and finally reach the customer. During this period, it needs to go through loading, transportation, display and offloading. To ensure the safety of commodities in the circulation process, all Liper packaging has strict requirements on the structure and materials of the packaging when designing.

How to test the safety of packaging?

Put the packaged product on the transport vibrometer, set the rotation speed to 300, and test for 95 minutes. After the test, drop it from a height of 3 meters. After the test, the packaging must not be damaged, the product structure must not be loose, and the electronic components should be intact, the product must not be damaged, and the material must not be worn from the impact.

In addition to quality protection functions, Liper’s packaging is also distinctive. Today, when the products are extremely diverse, consumers pay little attention to each product for a very short time. Each packaging design requirement of Lipper must capture the consumer’s vision while they sweep across the shelf. Comprehensive use of color, shape, material, and other elements to show corporate connotation information such as products and brands. However, the packaging of a product should not only require a beautiful design, but also make the product speak for itself, and appropriately express the function and characteristics of the product. The degree of communication power shown in front of consumers directly affects the product’s image and the performance of the market is good or bad.

At the same time, the packaging is also a branding strength of Liper. With the continuous progress of human society, the purchase of goods by consumers has shifted from simply satisfying material needs to individualized and branded consumption, and they value the personal satisfaction and spiritual pleasure that the product brings to them. The satisfaction of such characteristic requires sensory showed by packaging.

As the external manifestation of a brand, the packaging is what the company hopes its brand will give consumers.

Liper’s packaging, exquisite design, highly communicative, the brand color orange, has a strong visual impact and a warm mood experience at the same time full of youthful vitality.

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