Leading Digital Forensics Agency Puts High-tech Digital Forensics within reach of Anyone Who Needs It

December 23 15:12 2020
Leading Digital Forensics Agency Puts High-tech Digital Forensics within reach of Anyone Who Needs It
The myriad of digital intelligence solutions and tools used by Octo Digital Forensics can now be harnessed by everyone from private investigators to attorneys and corporations to the general public.

Whether it is remote cell phone extraction to advanced unlocking across many devices, digital forensics agency Octo Digital Forensics is one step ahead of everyone else. The vast resource of the latest tools and various patent-pending technologies allow Octo Digital Forensics to perform digital forensics that was once thought impossible, without being part of law enforcement, across the multitude of devices available. In many cases, devices like phones no longer need to be shipped since much of the extraction can be handled remotely using various advanced proprietary tools & techniques. Services like the ones offered by Octo Digital Forensics make it easier for their clients to collect the required evidence from a device without letting the device out of their sights. 

Digital Forensics is a process that includes the preservation, extraction, identification, and documentation of electronic evidence generally on a computer or mobile device, which is then used in a court of law. It is defined as the science of finding or recovering evidence from digital media that encompasses social media and networks. 

However, a lot of the data gathering requires using the latest tools to bypass security on otherwise secure devices like new iPhones or new Apple MacBook that use a new form of custom encryption. That’s why digital forensics technology is consistently involving companies that use the best intelligence tools and have the capability of thinking outside of the box to gather evidence for their case.


Readers can find out more about Octo Digital Forensics by visiting their official website https://www.octodigitalforensics.com

Octo Digital Forensics provides clients with a couple of different services, including remote extractions from mobile devices, removing spyware/viruses on devices, or hardening network security. However, as of late, the company has also begun providing corporate partners with Corporate Forensics, which collects data from emails, cloud services, and others that aid in HR investigations. 

“Each client and what they need differs. We have many corporate clients, private investigators, etc., who rely on our services to substantiate their case. However, with each client, privacy and security are at the forefront of our services. We protect the identities of all parties involved to ensure that the evidence gathered can be used as needed, especially in cases that may soon make it to court.” Said a representative for Octo Digital Forensics. 

When discussing pricing, she added, “Each case is unique.  Any forensics case is unique. Our cost mainly depends on what needs to be done. However, we are competitively priced and offer many unique services that can’t be executed by anybody else, 

About Octo Digital Forensics:

Octo Digital Forensics is based in San Diego and offers numerous digital intelligence solutions. The company consists of Google partners, digital forensics examiners, computer engineers, former military personnel, former homeland security directors, ethical hackers, and private investigators, and social media experts.

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