MirrorMateMitts ‘Blue Lives Matter’ versus ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sales Comparison

December 23 17:27 2020
MirrorMateMitts ‘Blue Lives Matter’ versus ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sales Comparison
Side view mirror cover sales reflect the difference in public enthusiasm for the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter social movements.

Boothwyn, PA – December 23, 2020 – As the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter social movements continue to gain prominence across the country, one online merchant has found a way to measure the popularity of these seemingly at odds campaigns: through direct sales. 

Sid Holmes sells side view mirror covers (mirrormatemitts.net) that protect from winter’s snow, ice and frost, and birds during the warm weather months. Custom MMMs printed with both slogans are selling neck and neck, about 50 pairs each week, he says, adding that he does not find the close sales numbers surprising.

“The prevailing wisdom is that if you support one cause you’re against the other. But nothing could be further from the truth,” Holmes says. “They both represent two sides of the same coin and are rooted in wanting a sense of respect – which everyone deserves. Black people should not live in fear of the police, who in turn, deserve acknowledgement that theirs is a potentially dangerous job.”

Holmes created MMMs as a matter of necessity after he nearly cracked his car’s side view mirror while scraping off caked-on ice and snow. He found the mirror covers available in the marketplace were flimsy and overly complicated with unnecessary drawstrings or cords. So, Holmes bought some water-repellent, nylon fabric and elastic, fashioning a prototype with a needle and thread. Knotting the end of an attached anti-theft strap and slipping it inside the door conveniently secured the cover to the mirror, eliminating the fussy drawstrings. The next step was finding a supplier to manufacture the covers.

Sales are steady year round, Holmes says, noting that customers buy MMMs from spring through the fall to keep birds from perching on and pecking at their vehicle’s mirrors; their droppings on the doors and mirrors can damage the paint’s surface. Companies bulk order MMMs customized with silk-screened logos, websites, slogans and phone numbers, making for a highly visible, unique advertising medium. Available in a variety of sizes and colors including red and orange, businesses also use MMMs in crowded parking lots to identify vehicles that need fuel, maintenance, or should be moved.

Regardless of whichever “BLM” slogan sells the most MMMs, Holmes says during these turbulent times, the more vehicles displaying either message the better. “If people’s consciousness is raised even a little bit as they pass by a parked car and are reminded that Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter, that can only be a good thing.”

MMM Tech’s motto makes it plain: “Gloves For Your Car.” For more information about MirrorMateMitts, visit www.mirrormatemitts.net and follow online via LinkedIn and facebook.

See MMMs in action: https://bit.ly/32ZqXdA

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