Entrepreneur Philanthropist Manny Blue Launching New Book “Little Boy Confidence – How to Build Your Self-Confidence”

December 23 22:42 2020
With a scheduled release date for April 23, 2021, Manny Blue’s new book is currently available for pre-order.

Originally from Brooklyn NY, Blue, who previously entertained his audience on the stage as a performer/recording artist, has traded in his blue spiked hair and dance moves for a suit and a laptop.

After his debut self-released single “Sientelo” in January 2020, Blue now finds himself encouraging and motivating his audience to chase their dreams. Although there’s no certainty about his music career, Blue’s motto for now remains to alter the relationship that people have with money, helping them become more financially-literate.

According to the Author for Little Boy Confidence – How to Build Your Self-Confidence, “The traditional school system has failed our parents and grandparents, failed us, and it’s failing our kids. We need to take it upon ourselves to acquire the financial knowledge and break the generational financial curse.”

The entrepreneur has learned to roll with the punches after a series of obstacles in his own personal life. In 2016, Manny hit a level of depression where he contemplated suicide, almost losing his mom shortly after, and struggling to succeed. Ever since, Blue has proved himself time and time again. “Life is amazing and full of surprises, but it sure has its ways. Sometimes it knocks you down on your knees. In times like that, it is easy for your confidence to take a hit and you lose sight of your goals and what’s really important.”

Now, with his book being released, Blue wants to empower individuals so they can help themselves. The book talks about steps and guidance for those that lack self-confidence, and it promises them to learn how to build or rebuild their confidence.

When we asked what inspired him to work on the book, Blue stated, “It wasn’t something that was planned. I didn’t wake up one day wanting to write a book. I was writing down notes, kind of like a journal that I wanted my kids to have and read when they got older. This included notes with tips and guidance to help them along the way, whenever they face challenges in life or their confidence takes a hit. That’s when I said to myself, maybe I can help more people if I just make this into a book”.

Upon being asked about the book title, Blue stated, “When we are kids we dream big and pretend to be superheroes and all sorts of things, and we truly believe it. As kids, we have a high level of confidence. But as we get older, I don’t know if it’s society or the lack of support growing up. Somehow, we lose our little boy, little girl confidence, it just vanishes. That’s where the title comes from.”

For the latest tips on money or motivation be sure to keep up with Manny Blue, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and FB. “Little Boy Confidence – How to Build Yourself Confidence” is now available for pre-order.

For more information, visit: http://www.littleboyconfidence.com

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