The Best Way to Determine Personal Skin Type is to Get a Professional Skin Analysis

December 24 02:06 2020
The Best Way to Determine Personal Skin Type is to Get a Professional Skin Analysis

Everyone wants a healthy skin so they to go for the most popular methods of keeping their skin healthy. However, everyone has a different skin type and the best way to determine their personal skin type is to get a professional skin analysis.

There are so many benefits of such an analysis. People can find out how to take better care of their skin since they will know their biggest areas of concern and how to better treat those.

Some people have skin that doesn’t seem to have any problems, but may still choose to have a personal skin care analysis to find out their skin type and how they can make it more healthy and youthful.

Before understanding the skin analysis, let’s first generalize the structure and organization of the skin underneath:

people basically have to meet the needs of the skin 7 layers per day:

The corneal layer needs to be supplemented with cream, and cream-free will fly up the dander, creating dry lines

The “transparent layer” needs to be replenished with water, which will die without water, so that the skin does not have water protection and luster

The “granular layer” requires milk supplementation, and a lack of it can make the skin sensitive

“There is ratchet layer” needs to be replenished lotion, the lack of will affect the growth of cell division, so that metabolism slows down.

The “base layer” generally requires the essence, the lack of will affect the production of new cells, so that melanin cells easy to produce color spots

The “leather layer” requires a more advanced essence class. Molecular particles have to be almost nanoscale and skin-sensitive to be easily absorbed by the skin. If lacking, the skin will loosen to form wrinkles.

Skin Analysis and treatment before people’s  skin problems can effectively ensure that their skin keep in healthy.

3d Skin Analysis Device uses five different spectra techniques to take pictures of high-definition face, and through intelligent face-positioning symptom extraction analysis technology and skin big data comparison technology, it can accurately analyze multiple dimensions of skin problems: red area (sensitive), pixel (pigment prediction), wrinkles (wrinkle prediction), deep spots, pores, acne, and give symptom maps and reference values according to skin dimensions, so that skin managers can develop the best treatment and care plan for patients’ skin problems. And adjust the treatment and care plan according to the patient’s current test record.

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