Website Success Tools Equips Business Websites with First-Rate Monitoring Services

December 24 03:23 2020
For businesses to stay relevant in today’s extremely competitive market, Website Success Tools equips business websites with first-rate monitoring services.

In today’s digitally inclined world, having a website is crucial for any business. A website adds value to the business and accomplishes various marketing strategies that aid in business survival and growth. Considering the amount of time spent online by most people, more and more businesses are discovering different opportunities of having a website.

Benefits of having a website

  • It is a great platform for information exchange – A website serves as the communication line between the consumers and the business. The business can provide information relevant to the consumers which may include products, features, prices, promotional videos, operating hours, and business contact information. 
  • It provides strong online visibility – Compared with a physical store that is confined to a specific location, a website can take a business beyond its local boundaries. This means a wider customer reach and an increase in sales and revenue.
  • It offers user convenience 24/7 – A website can operate even beyond business hours. Consumers can still access the website in search of products and services in the comfort of their own homes. Also, quick response to every query from the customer support adds up to the credibility of the business.
  • It reduces overhead costs – A website helps reduce overhead or operating costs of brick-and-mortar stores (rental space, staff wages, business permits, and utilities, to name a few). Reducing these costs help the business to save on other expenses such as website hosting and website monitoring.

Indeed, a website is beneficial for businesses – from start-ups to the most established companies. However, maintaining a website’s operability is another story. This is a major concern that some business owners neglect to see.

Unexpected traffic overload, connection failures, technical issues, and downtimes can be a hindrance to the website’s optimal performance. That being said, monitoring a website is extremely important.

Website monitoring helps track performance and pinpoint issues before they even affect the business’ bottom line. Website performance issues are inevitable, but Website Success Tools has come up with the first-rate monitoring services to minimize these issues.

About Website Success Tools

Website Success Tools is an online digital platform that offers web monitoring services. The platform was established to provide systematic and comprehensive monitoring of websites to ensure their optimal performance.

Website monitoring is conducted by Website Success Tools to check website pages, elements, and other related applications. This helps ensure that the products and services on the website are always available, so potential clients don’t suffer from unexpected outages.

A few of the monitoring services they offer include the following:

  • Uptime monitoring – Uptime refers to the period of time when a website is running and available. It is usually measured as a percentage. Website Success Tools offers a 99.5% uptime guarantee, and this is considered high availability by the industry experts. Website Success Tools’ uptime monitoring services are available in Standard, Business, Business Plus, and Professional.
  • Page speed monitoring – Every customer expects a fast loading website. Based on research, a three-second delay of page load time can result in increased bounce rate and affects conversion rates. Website Success Tools page speed monitoring tools help identify critical flaws as well as hidden page issues that affect website performance. This service also aids in optimizing site pages to ensure better rankings on search engines.
  • Application performance monitoring – A website contains different elements and applications that are important for accessibility and overall functionality. This service helps track bugs and other website application issues that affect a website’s overall performance. This also helps business owners to better understand the application structure and how they can resolve potential issues efficiently and improve the customer online experience.

With website monitoring services, business owners get notified in a timely manner regarding website performance such as slow load time, downtime, response time, and server connection issues.

Aside from website monitoring services, Website Success Tools also offers website hosting services such as WordPress hosting and cloud hosting. All of their services are carefully designed to meet the different needs of businesses.

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