Life Begins At 40: The Time When Women Can Have It All

December 25 19:27 2020
Life Begins At 40: The Time When Women Can Have It All

Carl Jung said, “Life begins at 40. The rest is just research.” The influential Swiss psychologist’s words resonated so deeply for Aruna Paramasivam that it inspired her to launch her own company called The Big Forty, and bring to life one-of-a-kind E-learning and coaching programs. Aruna not only personally embraces this particular life stage but is also passionate about showing women that their 40s has huge potential to be their best decade yet. Her digital and personalized programs are truly unique in the coaching industry, having been developed specifically with this milestone birthday in mind.  Aruna’s carefully crafted programming pays homage to all of the life experiences, challenges, misconceptions, and common roadblocks women in their 40s may be facing, while delivering practical solutions to ignite transformational change.

Aruna’s own life took a 360-degree transformation during her 40s. Like so many other women, she was feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and stuck in a rut. She began questioning if she was truly living a life that was impactful and had meaning, or if she was simply marking off checkboxes and blindly conforming to society’s expectations. She finally reached her breaking point when she realized she could not waste another minute of her life discussing the merits of lipstick at her then glamorous yet soul-sucking job in the beauty industry, and walked out to find her true calling and purpose.

Aruna’s natural curiosity for life, bold sense of adventure, and strong desire to add value in others’ lives drove her to book a one-way ticket to Asia. Traveling to different countries, all while exploring local cultures and ways of living across multiple continents, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and newfound happiness. Now an established wellness coach and certified Thanatologist, Aruna helps other women globally empower themselves similarly, as they enter new chapters in their lives as well.

One might ask “But why 40?” While all milestone birthdays signify a transition from one life phase to the next, Aruna considers the Big 4-0 to be a particular pivotal age. “At 40, our lives are half over, statistically speaking. You begin to realize that time is truly the finite currency of our lives and that you really need to start making the most of your days ahead.” She knows this personally because she has suffered various tragedies and losses in her own friend circle in recent years. She saw how lives were abruptly cut short and dreams that were shelved for later went unfulfilled. These circumstances were a turning point that led her to recalibrate her own life goals. Instead of just continuing to go through the motions daily, Aruna decided she wanted to live a life of no regrets, packed with adventure and exciting experiences. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she decided to navigate her own life on her own terms and timelines. And so she did—with her off-the-beaten-path travels to over 110+ countries to date and launching The Big Forty with a renewed focus. 

In her travels, Aruna realized the range of emotions as well as pain points that come with reaching the milestone age of forty for women were similar worldwide and could be addressed with an action-oriented and solution-based approach. She now directs her focus on helping women in their 40s emerge as a more authentic and purpose-driven version of themselves. Her goal is to make the 40-something woman realize the infinite choices she still has and that she is in an optimal phase of her life to achieve the outcomes she strives for. “I love the expression that youth may be the gift of nature, but age is the work of art. This is actually the best time to build your dream life using the cumulative advantage of your own life experiences, maturity, confidence, relationships you have developed, and the stability you likely have,” Aruna says. 

Aside from just the 40th milestone birthday, Aruna and her team also offer innovative and cathartic programs for women navigating the entire decade. The Big Forty comprises of a series of E-courses that provide tips, inspiration, and ideas for women in their 40s to develop goals that align with their core purpose. Aruna’s signature one-month online program, “Keep Calm and 40 On,” offers a personalized strategy on how to create a passion-based lifestyle in just a one-year period. As a certified Thanatologist, Aruna also does customized individual coaching that focuses on re-engineering life from the end to the present day. After all, the forties is about building a legacy by carving out a meaningful life and really starting to live the way you want to be remembered. 

Aruna’s story of transformation has inspired so many women around the world to become fearless and know their value. “Working with Aruna has really changed my perspectives and reduced my anxiety. I have made some big life changes recently, both personally and professionally, all thanks to her,” says Safeya Khonji, a Banking Executive, who recently moved back to Bahrain from Dubai, having realized she wanted to be closer to her family. “Aruna isn’t someone who talks the talk. She also walks the walk, and remains caring and compassionate whilst encouraging you to be the best version of you,” agrees Switzerland-based Charlotte Jago, a former Change Management Expert now turned Wellness Entrepreneur in her 40s. 

Learn more about Aruna Paramasivam via her website—designed with modern ambitious women in mind—who are ready to stop simply checking off the boxes and start living more authentically. Her programs also make for a unique gift for the 40-something woman who may already seem like she has everything!

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