Miguelo’s Stellar Anthem ‘Baila’ Soars Amid Pandemic

December 25 19:30 2020
Miguelo’s Stellar Anthem ‘Baila’ Soars Amid Pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, a handful of artists have moved against the norm and thrived through the pandemic. One such artist is Miguel Sanchez, also known by his stage name Miguelo. The breakthrough artist has smashed records all over with one of his newest singles, “Baila.”

Miguel Angel Sanchez Aponte has been around the music industry for a short while and has built up a solid reputation in the Spanish music scene. The Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist brings a new sound for people from all generations to enjoy. Miguelo’s masterful songwriting and performance has earned him a stable place in the Dancehall Reggaeton world. In recent times, Miguelo launched the single “Baila,” which has racked up quite a following in record time. 

The hit single first hit airwaves in the middle of the pandemic, on July 24, 2020. Today, the song has skyrocketed in popularity. The artist shares how the song is a mashup of some of his musical influences, including rappers such as Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA, Ozuna, Drake, Cardi B, Snoop Dog, and Akon. Today, the artist continues to climb to the top on various streaming platforms. On Spotify, Miguelo now averages over 14,000 plays every month. He also has over 4,400 subscribers on YouTube and over 37,000 plays on the video platform.

Growing up, Miguelo lived in a world full of music. He hailed from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, and started making music at an early age. Eventually, he became a singer and artist for the music empire BMI music. Today, he has an array of popular tracks, such as “Imaginandote,” which now has over 28,000 streams on Spotify. His other songs include “Prohibido Amarte,” “Baila,” “Amor No,” and “Te Perdistes,” among others. A month after releasing “Baila,” Miguelo also produced and published “Sueno Contigo” and “Dice Que Me Quiere,” which put him on the map. The artist is currently working on putting together his first-ever album, which Miguelo hopes to release next year. 

Miguelo Sanchez belongs to a new wave of artists under the new genre known as Dancehall Reggaeton. The category falls under the bigger umbrella of Urban Music and first rose to prominence in Puerto Rico in the 1990s. Miguelo started producing music in this category under the mentorship of award-winning producer and musical artist Crivas Official.

What motivates the artist to keep pursuing his dreams is his love for learning. For Miguelo, his journey into a music career has been his “classroom,” and it’s been a ride he has enjoyed immensely. Miguelo loves working with a team and collaborating with others to create amazing music. “When I’m working with my team, we all work together,” shares Miguelo. “I love coming up with new ideas for my music, lyrics, sounds, styles, etc.” 

In the future, Miguelo hopes to make it to the top of the urban music scene and join music icons like Drake, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, J-Lo, and Snoop Dog. The artist also commits time toward helping other up and coming artists find their way into the music industry, encouraging them to pursue their passions at all costs. “I always say to new artists, ‘don’t give up on what you love and follow your dreams,'” expresses the Reggaeton sensation. “I love motivating and helping new artists.”

Miguelo has worked his way to the top, and he plans to keep climbing new heights as he releases new material in the coming years that he hopes will inspire and entertain multitudes in Puerto Rico, the United States, and beyond.

To learn more about Miguelo, visit his Spotify profile, Instagram profile, and YouTube channel.

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