Highlifeflo Breathing Life Into Dreams and Giving Young Artists the Platform to Shine

December 25 19:39 2020
Highlifeflo Breathing Life Into Dreams and Giving Young Artists the Platform to Shine

Building the next generation of stars and providing them with resources is no small feat, but Highlifeflo is doing that and giving young talents a platform to get heard. Highlifeflo is a producer and audio engineer from San Francisco, California, who has produced Billboard charting and platinum songs. He owns Highlifeflo’s Audio Production Service LLC, which is opening a new location in 2021 to serve more artists and talents in the United States.

Highlifeflo has built his brand as a logic-based studio in the bay area. The studio has catered to the needs of talented musicians in genres like rap/hip-hop, R&B, pop, trap, dance hall, reggaeton, and Punjabi trap. More than 300 artists have used his services for vocal tracking and mixing and mastering. Highlifeflo made a name for himself when he recorded the first rap/hip-hop song from San Francisco to ever go platinum. It was a song titled “Valentino” by 24KGoldn. The studio became the first choice spot for budding artists looking to get their big break. One distinct thing about Highlifeflo’s Audio Production Services LLC is that the artists are not only getting access to a recording facility but also benefit from the experienced engineers who will record and mix their songs and also help them get the best sound.

Highlifeflo is committed to making sure artists get the best sound possible to entertain their audience. “Any artist that books a session with me, I go above and beyond the role of an engineer. I’ll help out from a production standpoint and put my best foot forward to give the record whatever it needs to make it better. I find it important to be honest with your artists and help them find their sound in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment,” he says.

He has always enjoyed creating music and new sounds. Building his own studio has helped him achieve that in many ways than he imagined. After extending his services to more than 300 artists, he will be opening a second location soon to bring to life his dreams of spreading his impact.

His five-year goal is to deliver more platinum hit songs and be at the top of the game churning out the next generation of hot artists. In his words, “I want to influence others to go for their goals and give back to the community from my success while encouraging others to pay it forward too.”

The record producer wants everyone to believe in themselves and be patient enough to go through the process. Nothing great happens without sacrifice and making difficult choices at different levels. Highlifeflo is a brand built from the desire and hunger to succeed and help others succeed too. His dedication to his work is a direct manifestation of how big he wants his name and his artists’ names to be out there. He has played a huge role in helping musicians put out good music these past years, and he is committed to doing that nonstop.

Learn more about Highlifeflo on his official website.

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