Ivreeproductions and Its Vision of Transforming Potential Into Building Blocks of Success

December 25 19:48 2020
Ivreeproductions and Its Vision of Transforming Potential Into Building Blocks of Success

The world is filled with endless possibilities. And while these seemingly limitless opportunities go far beyond one’s expectations, people need not look that far to turn their dreams into reality. As a matter of fact, it only takes a person to look right in front of a mirror to know what one needs in order to climb towards the pinnacles of victory. In other words, greatness starts within ourselves.

Recognizing the unrelenting power that lies within, Ivree Moore made it her mission to transform potential into building blocks of success. And for this reason, she created Ivreeproductions, an artist development agency that turns natural gifts into tangible assets.

As one of the foremost advocates of growth and development in a cutthroat industry such as music and entertainment, Ivree Moore took it upon herself to become a beacon of hope and an instrument of transformation for those who aspire to make it in such a ruthless industry. Believing that these individuals only need an inevitable push to propel themselves towards the summits of success, Ivree uses her roster of skills and impeccable talents to lead these hopefuls towards achieving their goals. Thus, Ivreeproductions was established to further Ivree’s noble pursuits.

Primarily based in three different locations – Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Shanghai – Ivreeproductions shakes up the music industry with its zealous mission of putting budding artists on the map. With the founder’s exceptional talents, topped with particular know-how in business, it has continued to open doors of opportunities for aspiring hopefuls. This agency collaborates with artists while improving their branding and attaining progressive development. To simply put, Ivreeproductions is an agency that helps artists traverse the music and entertainment space with its state-of-the-art methods like music production, social media management, artist and brand development coupled with specialized marketing services.


With its 90-day program, Ivreeproductions takes the industry by storm as it takes artists to greater heights. As a matter of fact, the artists under the agency’s care include those signed in major record label companies such as Major Label Capitol Records – a sought-after Major Distribution firm known globally. Ivreeproductions also works with artists placing their musical projects within Synch for  NBC, ABC, and Disney networks and various indie film and reality tv programs across several networks.

But underneath the towering achievements of Ivreeproductions lies a founder whose passion and dedication for the craft transcend limits and break barriers. When Ivree found her niche in music, she became unstoppable. At a young age, Ivree became the youngest violist to play for the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale. And proving worthy of her sterling reputation, Ivree attained two prestigious first place trophies and excellent ratings in ten district orchestral competitions across Los Angeles and San Diego counties throughout her high school years. When she grew up, Ivree then completed a double master’s degree in music production and business from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Since then, Ivree has been setting her passion into motion with precision and impeccable know-how. Her rapid rise to fame has led her to work with some of the industry’s biggest names, like Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, En Vogue, and Destiny’s Child. Seeing that her achievements can greatly help others in their journey towards success, Ivree decided to help aspiring individuals shape their careers as artists. Hence, Ivreeproductions bloomed into existence.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing people realize their strengths and making their dreams happen. And as Ivree continues to be at the helm of Ivreeproductions, she hopes to serve as a guiding light for budding artists around the world.

To know more about Ivreeproductions, you may visit its website.

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