An Industry Leader, Dr. Anil Rajani is on a Mission to Hone the Expertise of Aesthetic Medical Professionals

December 25 19:51 2020
An Industry Leader, Dr. Anil Rajani is on a Mission to Hone the Expertise of Aesthetic Medical Professionals

The medical aesthetics industry has always been lucrative, but in recent years, it has boomed exponentially. With social media influencing beauty standards and the consequent increasing demand for cosmetic procedures among the younger generation, the market has attracted the interest of practitioners who wish to provide services in a revenue-rich space. However, some of these providers are entering the industry without extensive knowledge about effectively treating their patients. In most cases, they are thirsty for knowledge and desire an opportunity to hone their skill so to better treat their patients. 

This is where Dr. Rajani comes in… sharing his experience and expertise to the aesthetic community as a way of limiting dangerous mistakes that can be made when putting a needle into a patient’s face. This is why, while delivering quality services, he has committed himself to make sure as well that patients are given adequate information about the best procedures available.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Anil Rajani is known as one of the leaders in the aesthetic industry. This graduate from The University of Western Ontario is an authority in minimally invasive cosmetic medicine has worked with renowned cosmetic centers in the USA as well as internationally. In over two decades of time, he has emerged as a sought-after trainer and lecturer in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Throughout his career, Dr. Anil Rajani has traveled the world, teaching and educating on the best procedures and treatments to address facial aging. He specializes in the training of other aesthetic medical  professionals, sharing his proficiency in the use of a  combination of techniques and injectable treatments to achieve a natural look.

The widely acclaimed doctor has taken center stage for continuously adding value to the aesthetic industry by providing information on the newest technologies along with devices to keep people’s skin beautiful, vibrant, and healthy. Helping women turn back the clock and look years younger, he advises patients on methodologies that suit them the most. Most impressively, Dr. Anil Rajani takes credit for pioneering treatments, including the PlasmaSculpt, PlasmaBoosters, PlasmaLip, and PlasmaGLO.

To respond to the concerning issue regarding the significant percentage of patients not knowing what to do to get the results they desire from their providers, Dr. Anil Rajani launched what is now one of the largest education-oriented aesthetic YouTube channels in the industry. With close to a hundred thousand subscribers, his platform has grown into a massive awareness-raising space that tackles a wide range of beauty and aesthetic topics.

In the coming years, Dr. Anil Rajani is set to cement his reputation in the field further. His vast experience with products like Juverderm, Botox, Sculptra, to name a few, and his contributions to the aesthetics industry is bound to earn him more recognition in the future. All this said, he is passionate to continue to learn and educate himself so he can continue to provide value information to the aesthetic community.

Along with his signature procedures, the dedication that Dr. Anil Rajani demonstrates toward raising the capabilities of other aesthetic medical practitioners makes him a powerhouse. As he continues delivering results through his non-surgical minimally invasive procedures, he plans to remain passionate about enabling others to provide the best quality services to patients.

Learn more about Dr. Ani Rajani by visiting his Youtubechannel and Instagrampage.

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