Smile Concierge Club Revolutionizes Dental Care Through Innovative Efforts

December 25 19:54 2020
Smile Concierge Club Revolutionizes Dental Care Through Innovative Efforts

Whether people know it or not, their smiles wield a power that could instantly brighten up anyone’s day. However, behind those grins are precious pearly whites that need extra care and attention. And taking heed of how valuable teeth are, Smile Concierge Club addressed itself to the challenge of making dental care as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Motivated by this well-grounded mission, the company continues to make significant strides toward the forefront of the industry. 

More often than not, innovative efforts and revolutionary solutions are born out of the unlikeliest of circumstances. In the case of Dr. Catherine Muldoon, the esteemed founder of Smile Concierge Club, it was through her previous experiences and personal struggles that she was able to land in the cosmetic dental care industry. As an awkward middle schooler back in the day, she used to have bunny teeth that led her to visit the dentist regularly. And after ending up as a patient of Drs. Goldstein, Garber, and Salama, her life has never been the same again. 

In an interview, Dr. Catherine Muldoon shared that it took her a while to realize how deep of an impact her visits to the dentists have made. But looking back, she can confidently say that those dental experiences laid the entire foundation that has shaped the past two decades of her life. And now that she is standing at the helm of Smile Concierge Club, she wishes that her brainchild would be just as impactful to those who struggled in the same way she did. 

As one of the foremost advocates of ease and comfort, Smile Concierge Club values having at-home and laboratory-driven services on top of its in-office and dentist-driven expertise. For this reason, the company has married the best of both worlds to provide a collaborative approach to dental care. In its concierge concept, this emerging industry powerhouse uses a comprehensive model that promises to deliver nothing but the best for the providers, the laboratories, and most importantly, its patients. 

According to Dr. Catherine Muldoon, Smile Concierge Club has its roots in offering services to Miss USA titleholders. Since this group of women is caught up with their busy traveling schedules, the dental company decided to bring its services to them instead. By catering to its patients’ needs within the comfort of their homes, it has proven that it is possible to offer convenience and quality at the same time. 

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Smile Concierge Club is able to give its patients even more personalized and all-inclusive care. As a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) company, it is also capable of being accessed from anywhere, using teledentistry. And with its team of dental and cosmetic specialists, it uses an arsenal of cosmetic options like orthodontics to provide its patients the best smile. 

Today, Smile Concierge Club is one of the leading authorities in its field. Since it is rooted in its founder’s innovative and transformation vision, the company hopes to provide a world-class experience by allowing patients to witness how a single smile can change the trajectory of their lives. And with Dr. Catherine Muldoon taking the reins, the company empowers individuals with the confidence they need to make a difference. 

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