Alliance Technology Group Solar Redefines the Delivery of a Reliable Solar System

December 25 20:18 2020
Alliance Technology Group Solar Redefines the Delivery of a Reliable Solar System

The newly launched offices of Alliance Technology Group Solar in South and West Florida are redefining the delivery of reliable and highly effective solar systems as an alternative source of energy as it offers tailored solutions for every home and business. Alliance is now known as one of the most promising solar companies in Florida. By simplifying the methods by which homeowners and business owners can either own or lease their own solar system, they are empowering clients to make a historic shift to clean energy.  

Clients who intend to buy the system can choose to pay in cash if they are able or to have it financed with low and fixed monthly loan payments. They must be homeowners to reduce their federal and state tax liability through the federal investment tax credits. Owning a solar system will automatically mean increasing the value of the property. Another option would be a residential solar lease. The homeowner simply pays a monthly fixed rate for solar energy and gets to enjoy 24/7 monitoring and free maintenance without actually owning the system.

The newly launched offices in South and West Florida were birthed from the Alliance Technology Group Telecommunication Division, which has over ten years of valuable experience in the field. It is also known for its exceptional customer service and the commendable way it values the contributions of its employees. Exceeding the expectations of clients is something that everyone in the team takes very seriously, being popular for its superior services. 

In the next five years, the leadership behind Alliance Technology Group Solar envisions the company becoming a leader in the solar energy industry by providing highly reliable systems that are backed up by intensive monitoring and maintenance procedures. The company looks forward to seeing more and more homes and businesses make a significant shift to solar energy to power their infrastructures. As it is part of their corporate goal to preserve the environment for future generations, Alliance Technology Group Solar is doing the planet a whole lot of good with its firm advocacy for clean energy and commitment to serve their clients diligently.

By educating the general population about the many long-term benefits of shifting to an eco-friendly energy solution, Alliance Technology Group Solar is also allowing them to enjoy a significant cost benefit as they begin to save money as a result of the shift. Another notable benefit is qualifying for federal tax benefits in the long run. Moreover, working with fixed rates that are highly predictable saves users from unexpected surges in their electricity bills, which is a common occurrence, especially during peak seasons. Alliance Technology Group Solar’s passionate advocacy to convince homeowners to shift to clean energy benefits everyone involved equally.

“We wanted to build a successful sustainable business while making a positive impact on the environment and people’s lives. People are becoming more aware of the need to turn to alternative renewable energy sources and see solar panels as an investment for the future. Not only is going solar great for the environment, it makes financial sense for homeowners as well because it helps them save money on their electric bill,” shares the Alliance Technology Group Solar leadership. 

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