SVTV Network Propels LGBTQ+ Rights with a Digital Streaming Platform for Representation and New Partnerships

December 25 20:42 2020
SVTV Network Propels LGBTQ+ Rights with a Digital Streaming Platform for Representation and New Partnerships

The fight for representation and equal rights for all has grown vastly in the last few years. Building on that momentum is Strong Voices Television, or SVTV, a digital media, and streaming platform with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, that aims to fight for equality and higher representation for the LGBTQ community in television, film, media, sports, technology, advocacy, and beyond.

The network has made waves as of late after sealing significant partnerships with various reputable LGBTQ-focused distributors, channels, and content creators. These developments all move forward to further the mission of amplifying the voices of marginalized LGBTQ members in television, film, and other industries. 

“We’ve built a team of advisors, advocates, and a marketing team who champion for our mission,” shares Sheri Johnson, founder of SVTV. “Representation Matters and the SVTV Network will be the premiere creator, licensor, and distributor of quality LGBTQ-focused entertainment and other programming, serving our subscribers both a highly engaging experience and amplifying their voices through digital media and beyond.”

According to an annual study, there has been a lack of presence of the group across various media and entertainment circles, citing their absence of acknowledgment at the Oscars, The Grammys, The Emmys, and other national outlets. They also point out specific channels’ unwillingness to include shows from the community in their lineup. As a response to the systemic discrimination, the team behind SVTV have decided to raise arms by developing a network of their own. Today, the platform has risen to greater heights, becoming a force to be reckoned with in record time.

The subscription-based network features an array of content, created by or featuring creators from the LGBTQIA community, their advocates, and strong supporters. The growing digital library includes media and content from diverse genres, including series, movies, documentaries, podcasts, reality series, short films, news, sports, and live streaming. 

For the community on the go, the network has also developed mobile apps to view their content on Roku, FireTV, iOS, Android, and AppleTV. It also supports casting via Google Chromecast. 

Fans will remember SVTV Network’s executive Sheri Johnson for her hit web series StudvilleTV, which gathered over 100,000 subscribers and 5 million views from 39 different countries. However, the show met its end due to a shift of policies and regulations by YouTube. All four seasons of the hit series are streaming now on the SVTV Network as its flagship series. As a response, Sheri launched SVTV back in 2016 as an on-demand platform to give a place for content by and for LGBTQIA+ viewers.

In the coming years, the SVTV Network team aims to further their cause and expand their borders, creating more opportunity and presence for the regularly shunned members of LGBTQ circles. 

“We want our readers to know that representation matters,” adds Sheri, “and the SVTV Network is the platform built to deliver storytelling that reflects Our Lives, Our Stories, Our Way, on One Network. We are a platform built by us and for us.”

To learn more about Strong Voices Television and its cause, visit its Instagram profile and Facebook page.

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