World-class Trainer Mike and His NFL Athlete Client Give Warmth to Kids

December 25 21:15 2020
World-class Trainer Mike and His NFL Athlete Client Give Warmth to Kids

World-class trainer Mikerlange ‘Mike’ Barthelemy, together with NFL player Tre’Quan Smith, gathered gifts for 562 children at the Pleasant City Elementary School in West Palm Beach, Florida, on December 18, 2020.

Trainer Mike knew that the year 2020 has been, if not cruel, but challenging for everyone worldwide. Everyone faced this global health threat, especially the children who stopped attending schools because of this pandemic. Mike decided to team up with the NFL star Tre’Quan Smith to put a smile to the selected 562 children in West Palm Beach.

“As you all know this year has been really tough on all of us,” says Mike. “I remember this past summer Tre and I would say we need to reach out to these kids somehow this year and send a message that they matter and show them some love.”

Mike and Tre decided to launch the first holiday giveaway, which they also decided to do annually. Their decision on this heartwarming activity happened just a week before the charity event that the world-class trainer organized. 

The trainer and athlete have this strong connection because they shared the same belief, which is the importance of giving. Appreciating what they have and, most of all, what they get are also the ideals they shared.  “So we thought by putting this give away charity together we would be able to spread some love and also end this stressful year for those kids but putting a big smile on every single one of them and just in time for Santa,” Mike says. The act of giving comes from their heart. They want to show that spreading love to the children in this time of pandemic is so vital. 

Mike also received help from one of his clients, Xavier Edwards, to make the children’s special event possible. His gratitude again overflowed for the support he also received from Dr. Denil Shekhat, Wisler Pierre Louis, Cj Smith, Phil Louis, and Robert Ross.

“The motivation to do this charity give away was simply a pure objective and it was to make the youth feel special and to make them understand that they are the future and they matter especially in time like this where everything in this world seems so chaotic,” Mike says, who came from Haiti where life full of struggles is never foreign to him. His partner at this event, Tre’Quan is from Delray who also shared the same life struggles growing up. “We want those kids to feel the same and understand that there’s still hope for them.”

Mike wanted to tell people that the world is filled with envy, hate, and devaluing others, and he is trying to change that by showing the world that people do not need to do so much to put a smile on someone’s faces. He said, “All you need to do is a small gesture of kindness. It will go a long way.”

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