The Future Is Here: InvisQi Features the Best in Qi Technology

December 28 15:54 2020
Meet the next generation of long-distance wireless charging.

Qi technology or wireless power transfer has been around for over a decade now but its popularity is considerably lower than expected. In this day of advanced telecommunication technology, most consumers still prefer to use regular cord chargers despite the availability of a good number of wireless chargers in the market. This is because most brands turn out to be a huge disappointment in terms of quality, reach, power consumption, and convenience, and they usually come with a high price tag. InvisQi has come to save the day and change the way consumers think about wireless charging for their smart phones and other Qi devices.

Introducing the InvisQi invisible wireless charger, the next generation of Qi technology. Unlike other wireless chargers, the InvisQi charger prides itself on its unequaled long-distance charging reach and remarkable charging speed. A device perfected through time and extensive research, the InvisQi wireless charger distinguishes itself for having four Qi-charging coils and a proprietary magnetic amplification system to achieve maximum distance and charging efficiency. It can output 10W of power over up to 30mm of distance, leaving other competitors in the dust. Moreover, the InvisQi wireless charger boasts an amalgam of proprietary systems that results in fast charging speeds of only half the time of other wireless chargers. Its charge function can penetrate virtually any organic material not exceeding 30mm in thickness. And, it is universally compatible with any Qi-ready device in the market. The InvisQi wireless charger also has an overcharging protection function that automatically shuts off when fully charged, in order to protect battery health. It is also equipped with an internal switch that controls temperature and detects foreign objects. Using the InvisQi charger is as simple as placing it on any organic surface, whether in the home or workplace. This revolutionary technology has been featured in several innovation publications. In 2019, the Qi-wireless charger was cited at the prestigious CES, the biggest tech event in the world, for most innovative technology. Also, unlike other similar products, the InvisQi charger does not require screw installation that may damage desks and tables.

The InvisQi wireless charger is currently on sale for only $119, a 33% savings from its regular price of $180, and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Qi technology was introduced in 2008. Today, there are over 160 smart phones, tablets and other devices that are Qi compatible.

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