Leadership Training & Coaching by Leadership Choice For Improved Performance By Business Leaders

December 28 16:24 2020
Leadership Training & Coaching by Leadership Choice For Improved Performance By Business Leaders
Leadership Choice provides leadership training to leaders and employees to enable them to meet the challenges involved with the work. The program outcomes include empowered employees, conflict reduction, improved communication, and increased engagement.

According to announcements released by Leadership Choice and Patrick Bosworth, leadership training and leadership coaching offered through the company’s programs deliver measurable business improvements. 

The leadership training program is available for new or developing leaders; it can be accessed through an in-class course, a live virtual classroom, or an on-demand e-learning package. The curriculum is structured to inculcate effective leadership skills so that they can deliver positive results concerning the organization’s goals. 

The program exposes leaders and business managers to effective communication skills that improve a team’s dynamics, resolve conflicts, and enthuse everyone to work for a common cause. Leaders learn about the importance of developing trust and confidence in their subordinates by building their leadership brand that inspires trust and accountability. Effective delegation and improved efficiency within the team are powerful positive outcomes of the leadership training program by Leadership Choice. 

The leadership training program by Leadership Choice reinforces the learning acquired and skills developed during the leadership training program and facilitates quicker achievement of desired objectives. One-on-one discussions are an opportunity to brainstorm ideas about customizing learnings towards specific situations that may be unique to a business or an industrial niche. The leadership coaches have an extensive, on-the-job experience that they share with executives and managers. 

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Patrick Bosworth of Leadership Choice said, “We know that every organization is different, just like every leader is different. That is why we offer both off-the-shelf and custom curriculum options to help build a program that specifically fits your needs. We can add to, change, or update the existing curriculum based on your team’s goals and challenges. 

Each leader and organization has different strengths, challenges, and goals. Leaders are partnered with an experienced leadership coach who individualizes the training experience, ties it to existing initiatives or challenges, and creates personalized goals and development strategies. Participants meet with their coach before and after each module to review, apply, and strategize. This results in participants using skills long-term in the workplace 3x more effectively (up to 87% skill retention and long-term application) than traditional leadership development programs.”

On the effectiveness of the leadership training program, Bosworth said, “Our combination of workshops, interactive workbooks, boss engagement, team involvement, and personal leadership coaching encourages 3X better retention and on-the-job application than traditional training programs. Each program is patterned to result in immediate and measurable business improvement. Based on our track record of building leadership capacity for organizations, our leadership development programs help create greater leadership capacity for individuals, teams, and organizations.”

About the Company:

Leadership Choice conducts communication training and leadership development programs that were developed by leadership experts and organizational psychologists. These programs have extensive real-world applications that benefit companies in myriad ways. Its accelerated development approach enables businesses to quickly develop leaders allowing them to leverage their strengths and deliver value to the organization.

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