Tax Genius Yvette Sadovoy Develops Custom Tax Deduction Strategies That Slash Thousands of Dollars Off Her Clients Tax Bills

December 28 16:30 2020

December 28, 2020 – Savyy & Suite Chief Executive Officer and Tax expert Yvette Sadovoy is changing the rules of the game when it comes to tax planning & savings.

Following two decades of working with numbers, starting from her father’s accounting firm at the age of 13 to her MBA in taxation & finance in 2015, Yvette was able to develop unique & highly customized strategies that help her clients, ranging from entrepreneurs & small business owners to multi-million-dollar companies, save thousands of dollars on Tax bills on a yearly basis.

The secret lays in her background in Psychology, which helps her to understand the hidden motives behind her clients’ financial decisions and spending habits, while asking them questions from the perspective of a tax auditor. Using this multidisciplinary approach, and by innovatively blending sociological principles with auditing techniques, Yvette is able, not only to help her clients optimize their tax savings, by asking the right questions and submitting a tax return that reflects their true expenses, but also to educate & help them develop strategies to take their business to the next level, all while living the lifestyle that they deserve.

“The goal of your business is not to become wealthy but use your wealth as a means to build the quality of life you desire. Staying true to yourself and your purpose will gravitate you to your ideal clients,” says Yvette

And it’s not just about the exceptional value that Yvette adds to her customers’ experience, Yvette is breaking all the rules & challenging the status quo of what is known for decades in the finance & corporate world: while most accountants’ offices are uptight, antiquated and boring, Yvette brought her own personal touch to this field by deeply connecting to her clients & developing lasting relationships: she has swapped out certificates on the walls for pictures of her travels around the world, black suits for red hair and jeans, and silence in the office for energetic 80s rock music.

“The best compliment a client ever told me was “This was fun!”. It’s such a small sentiment but in an industry where most clients hate to deal with the tax aspect of their business it really felt good to know that I made the experience easier & more enjoyable for my client,” says Yvette

Recently, Yvette launched a special mentorship program where she’s coaching other bookkeepers and tax professionals on how to use her advanced strategies and implement them for their clients to help them grow their business and bring in higher-end clients. 

As a purpose-driven financial influencer, Yvette’s ambition is to change the world’s paradigms related to taxes & finance and educate millions of businesses & tax professionals to take control of their finances.

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