Hip-Hop Artist and Single Mom Rocks with Ghetto Wonderland, A Rap Spin-Off on The Popular Holiday Classic

December 28 16:30 2020
Hip-Hop Artist and Single Mom Rocks with Ghetto Wonderland, A Rap Spin-Off on The Popular Holiday Classic

December 28, 2020 – Lyssen, a well-revered artist, poet, and inspirational influencer has today released her own version of “Winter Wonderland” called “Ghetto Wonderland”. The original song is a popular holiday classic that has helped many enjoy their time off from the busy world.

Ghetto Wonderland is a combined effort between Lyssen and her twins, Trust and Loyalty. The song speaks of the determination and faith that will endure helping humanity survive in a ghetto wonderland, almost an allegory of sorts which is exactly what the coronavirus has put the world into. As some of the lyrics go, “Sing us a Christmas song” we can all be inspired/ knowing change can take us higher/ let’s start a new year and live with no fear/walking in the ghetto wonderland.”

With “Ghetto Wonderland”, Lyssen adds another track to her impressive discography and continues to warm up the rap scene with a sprightly message of confidence and hope. Ghetto Wonderland a collaboration number with twins Trust (boy) and Loyalty (girl) and sums up the current holiday atmosphere with powerful lyrics that go “Let’s start a New Year and Live with No Fear, walking in a Ghetto Wonderland.”

2020 Christmas is a unique situation unlike what anyone has experienced. Amidst the holiday spirit and the urge to party is also an inherent fear induced by the ongoing pandemic and its resurgence. Making light of the situation in a positive way hoping to offset the gloom of the prevailing atmosphere, Lyssen produced the new song Ghetto Christmas which is a holiday hip hop song by a mother trying to influence true holiday cheer with love and change.

The word G.H.E.T.T.O itself an acronym that says (Giving Hope Even Through Tough Occasions). It echoes in the chant deeper into the song that goes You can’t hold us back, / no matter where we’re at/We’re going to get it done no matter where we’re from.” In short, Ghetto Wonderland is a spin on the situation today and how it requires an approach of resilience to get through the same.

Lyssen is a poet, artist, and social influencer known for her thought-provoking lyrics and the use of music to draw attention to social issues.  Her latest message through Ghetto Wonderland relates to her podcast newly released on iheart called “The Future of History” which also focuses on how our actions today will impact our place in the future…

Lyssen has always shared a philosophical passion to grow through reflection, faith and change. Her talent as a poet, music artist and mentor has inspired communities, leaders and soul searchers worldwide. With her new song she calls upon her fans and all people to join in her creativity that endeavor to help people progress through the journey of life. Ghetto Wonderland is available of YouTube and Apple iTunes

For more information: https://lyssen.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VCdQeqo2hU

Apple iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/g-h-e-t-t-o-wonderland-single-feat-twintown-single/1544936328

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