Hostify: A Smart Way to Earn Income While Staying Connected

December 28 17:00 2020
Hostify: A Smart Way to Earn Income While Staying Connected
Homes can now earn income from their internet connection by simply hosting hotspots.

With everything online now, and most people still sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, internet usage has skyrocketed in almost every household all over the world. As a result, bills have also increased. Hostify offers a smart solution by giving people with internet connection a chance to earn additional income by hosting hotspots in their homes. They are the first network company owned, operated, and hosted by people; and not a corporation.

Hostify creates smart networks in local communities, while paying hosts which gives them a way to earn passive income through their internet connection. Hostify.pays hosts every month to allow them to host a Helium hotspot in their homes. Their infrastructure is powered with Helium hotspots, a small low-powered router that builds the ‘LongFi’ network, Helium’s proprietary network.

They build mesh-networks of Helium hotspots all over New Jersey, creating a web of connectivity to help power local communities’ smart sensors and devices. Thousands of useful devices benefit from the Helium network. Common devices that use the Helium network include smart sensors that detect ambulances at a traffic signal, sensors that trigger alerts when a basement has a water leak, or when milk is about to expire in smart refrigerators.

Hotspot hosts are paid starting from $35, and can scale upwards to $100 every month depending on their location, height, surrounding area, and hotspots nearby. Hosts can also earn more by sending referrals. Hostify pays $75 or more per referral. Signing up is also quite simple. Once approved and the hotspot has been installed, hosts will be paid immediately after, and then recurring on the same day of every month.

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About Hostify

Hostify is a smart-network company focused on building out a reliable mesh of Helium hotspots over New Jersey, by doing so they pay people, or hosts to place a hotspot in their home.

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