Pranamya Suri Delicately Balances Medicine and Dance to Create a Harmonious Whole

December 29 01:21 2020
Pranamya Suri Delicately Balances Medicine and Dance to Create a Harmonious Whole

The art of medicine and dance may seem all too different, yet both are bound by a single thread within Dr. Pranamya Suri’s fingertips. It is a delicate balancing act, one that Pranamya has fully integrated into her daily life. Her inner duality is in perfect synchrony. 

The process of becoming a physician is a difficult one. It requires immense discipline, hard work, perseverance, and stretching oneself physically, mentally, and emotionally. A good doctor must be able to sacrifice tremendously and remain empathetic at the same time. The process of becoming an artist also has the same requirements. One builds and develops discipline, determination, steadfastness, and empathy. Art also allows for an outlet and escape from mundane. As such, art and medicine can’t be compartmentalized. Medicine and art are synergistic if one allows them to be. 

Pranamya learned the art of dance under the guidance of her loving mother, guru Smt. Srilatha Suri, who is also the director of the Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School. To hone her craft, she underwent advanced training under the likes of the Late Padma Shree Dr. Sobha Naidu and Sri Jai Kishore Mosalikanti, both stalwarts of Kuchipudi. Today, she is a well established Kuchipudi artist in this generation. 

As she moves with grace, Pranamya enthralls and captives the audience with each fleeting step. She has performed at the most prestigious platforms known to Kuchipudi, such as the Natyanjali Dance Festival in Chidambaram, the Devadasi National dance festival in Bhubaneswar, and the Khajuraho Festival, to name a few. Her talents have been duly recognized as she received notable titles such as Natya Visharada, Sringara Mani, Nalanda Nritya Nipuna, and Natya Saaradhi.

On the other side of the coin, Pranamya leads a double life as a doctor. She completed a surgical year at Harbor-UCLA and is now currently pursuing her medical residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of California, Irvine, one of the best programs in the United States. 

Much like medicine, dancing seeks to attune to the human body. This continues to inspire Pranamya to pursue both her passions, striking the perfect balance. She hopes to integrate both dance and medicine and has a strong interest in dance injury medicine and rehabilitation. 

As if seamlessly blending both aspects of her life, Pranamya Suri found the one common focal point of medicine and dance, and that is service. She was the founder and former president of Echoes of India, a non-profit organization built on her passion for service. The organization aims to raise funds through dancing, which in turn will be used to install 16 water purification plants in India.

Echoes of India also established the first medical clinic in Kuchipudi Village as well as in Nalgonda. As if erecting a wellspring of life, the water plants provide clean drinking water to more than 70,000 people, and the medical clinics manage to serve a little over 50 patients every day. The organization’s projects proved to be a massive success.

Pranamya Suri is consistently advocating the importance of art in the world today. She states that the process of creating art is a chance to reflect. It’s a chance to be vulnerable, think about what makes us uncomfortable, and express it in an original way. It makes us think. It makes us grow. 

Healthcare professionals are more susceptible to constant bouts of burnout, especially this year with the ongoing pandemic and surge, which is why Pranamya Suri is encouraging them to turn to art as a method to heal. She is a healthy mix of both worlds, offering the best of each side and creating an entirely unique whole that is unapologetically Pranamya. She is also reaching out to all physicians and healthcare workers to create—whether it’s art, painting, dancing, poetry, photography, or songwriting—and to tag her on Instagram. “It’s a small act that makes a difference. We tell such a personal story through art. It’s all about perspective. It makes others think, and is healing to us at the same time. So why not? I know friends who are residents.. who come home after a long day at work and paint their heart out. Somehow it helps them. They feel connected to themselves. So why not connect with the rest of us.. through art. We all have shared the same pain this year.. why not share what we created out of that pain or happiness together,” she says. 

Make sure to follow Pranamya Suri on Instagram to keep up-to-date on her fascinating story and her ongoing dance series. Create some art, and tag Pranamya to share your art and your thoughts with the world.

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