Monarch Brands Disrupts the Market with Innovative, Versatile Textiles

December 29 06:18 2020

Philadelphia, PA – Monarch Brands, a wholesaler and manufacturer of microfiber, commercial linen, institutional towels, and wiper rags offers microfiber towels and cloths that are scientifically shown to clean more effectively, safely, and efficiently. Their hand-cut microfiber towels and cloths are a blessing to professional cleaners, businesses in the hospitality and service industries, and beyond.

What makes Monarch Brands microfiber towels and clothes so effective? First, microfiber outperforms traditional cotton cloths because it can lift dirt rather than simply move it around. Second, Monarch Brands offers SilverSure™ Microfiber Cloths, which has been treated with Silvadur™, a patent antimicrobial process that keeps clothes fresh and effective longer by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Finally, Monarch Brands offers a wide selection of clothes suited to many different industries and that work for each unique client. From glass cloths, which are carefully designed to prevent scratching or specks on glass, to quick-drying microfiber hand towels, there is a microfiber cloth for every task. Microfiber towels and cloths can be used for dry dusting, wet wiping, cleaning both delicate and difficult surfaces, and much more. Luckily, Monarch Brands is standing by to help customers figure out which microfiber cloths and towels are best for them.

Monarch Brands’ microfiber towels and cloths are also cost-effective. Thanks to their superior design, no cleaning products are needed for most cleaning projects, saving customers money generally spent on those cleaning products. These towels and cloths, especially the SilverSure™ Microfiber Cloths, are effective for dozens of washes, meaning that they need to be replaced much less frequently than traditional cloths and towels. Finally, because Monarch Brands’ towels and clothes are so efficient, valuable time and energy spent cleaning is saved by users.

Customers should rest assured that Monarch Brands uses only the highest quality materials and works with only the most rigorously vetted suppliers. Monarch Brands is deeply committed to customer satisfaction and strives to improve and invigorate the textile cleaning industry in all that they do.

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About Monarch Brands

Since 1947, Monarch Brands has lived up to its values of “specialize, optimize, understand, and deliver” by offering high quality, high-value textiles. Monarch Brands works hard to gain and keep their customers’ confidence and satisfaction while prioritizing the unique needs of every customer. Monarch Brands offer cutting edge textiles that allow for optimal performance, regardless of the industry.

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