How to use RemoteIoT data visualization platform to display device data and trigger alerts and notifications in real time?

December 29 10:26 2020

More and more companies use IoT sensors to track the status of physical things. Devices and technologies connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) can monitor and measure data in real time. Data can be transmitted, stored and retrieved at any time. Analyzing the data and predicting the future trend and where to focus more are some of the significant benefits it offers.

RemoteIoT data visualization service has leveraged the data visualization technology across multiple devices where it transforms the raw data into meaningful insight of information. The service provides data visualization tools and technologies to monitor and analyze data and help enterprise to quickly build a real-time IoT dashboard.

Based on updating data views, decision makers determine if they need to expand or reduce their data assets, select new combinations of various data sources to drill deeper into analytics. They do not need to develop any programs and just adjust some configurations to collect and upload device data in a few minutes. This significantly helps companies improve operational efficiency.

Apart from a relatively easy set-up and dashboard building process, companies can include real-time data chart images into their IoT applications. It let companies focus on their core expertise, easily deploy devices on a large scale and effectively reduce costs.

Finally, RemoteIoT support trigger alerts and notifications in real time. Companies Detect events across thousands of IoT sensors and automatically trigger alarm notifications based on real-time operating data which can reduce the likelihood of unexpected equipment breakdown.


The RemoteIoT platform is an excellent IoT platform that can be used to manage IOT devices and collect, store, visualize and analyze data from these devices. It can help companies determine how analysts use data assets effectively, what insights they can extract, and how their data strategy will evolve over time.

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