Cardiac Rehabilitation Helps Patients Recover From Heart Problems

December 29 17:54 2020
Cardiac Rehabilitation Helps Patients Recover From Heart Problems

Doctors now know that cardiac rehabilitation helps patients recover from heart problems. These programs can help patients to feel better, get stronger, and live an overall healthier lifestyle. It’s important to note that not all programs are created equal, but there is a great program serving heart patients in South Carolina. 

Where do Patients Receive Cardiac Rehabilitation? 

While there are a few options out there for cardiac rehab, people living in South Carolina should consider a place with an advanced treatment program like Carolina Cardiology Associates. A good program offers more than just a typical treatment plan. This particular rehab program offers advanced treatment for heart health and heart conditions, education to help the patient learn, and also works with the patient to focus on their future living plans to allow them to get back to living their best life.

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Who Needs Cardiac Rehab Services?

Many people find themselves needing cardiac rehab services due to a heart condition or even the risk of developing a condition. Many people who have suffered a heart attack, have had a stroke, have had heart surgery, and those with heart disease can benefit from this type of heart focus medical treatment plan. Sometimes a doctor will suggest that a patient gets on a cardiac rehab plan as a preventative measure because they believe the patient could be nearing a heart attack or heart-related incident. 

What does Exercise Cardiac Rehabilitation Entail? 

There are three main parts to a good cardiac rehabilitation plan. The first part is the heart-healthy exercise. Don’t worry that the doctor will have the person climbing a mountain during week one, a physician will always ensure that the prescribed exercise is considered safe for the patient and their heart. They may have the person wear a heart monitor while doing the activity so they can monitor what the heart is doing while the person works out. 

The Benefit of Education

The second part of the plan is education. The goal is to have the heart patient live a healthy life, or as healthy as possible. The program will educate the patient on diet and lifestyle changes so that the patient can start to make informed heart-healthy choices to improve their health. Some programs skip over education, which is a bad idea, as the patient needs to know how to take care of their heart and health after a cardiac incident. 

Eliminating Stress is Important

Stress can be bad for heart health. To maximize a person’s health, the third part of the program focuses on eliminating the stress in a person’s life. Because all of a person’s stress cannot be eliminated, they also teach the patient tools for dealing with and managing that daily stress.

In conclusion, people who have a heart condition, those who have had heart surgery, and those with heart disease can benefit from a program such as this. They are geared to help people improve their heart health by working out appropriately, live an educated life, and find ways to manage stress.

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Carolina Cardiology Associates serves patients across South Carolina with Board Certified Cardiologists. They use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose heart conditions and create custom treatment plans to help people get back to living their best and healthiest life.

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