Hydraulic and Industrial Hose Repair Offered By California Industrial Rubber Co

December 30 06:18 2020
Hydraulic and Industrial Hose Repair Offered By California Industrial Rubber Co

Regardless of what type of valve, tool, or other items that a person is trying to move fluid to, there is no question that hydraulic hoses, like the ones offered by https://www.cir.net/, are vital parts of the setup. Even though these hoses are usually reinforced using several layers and they are specifically designed to operate at higher pressure levels, they are going to require certain care and maintenance, along with repairs, to remain in good shape and to keep working properly. Considering how potentially dangerous and sensitive that a damaged hose may be, it is important to know the signs of a problem. Keep reading to know when repairs for a hydraulic hose are needed.

Significant Damage to the Exterior of the Hose

According to suppliers, such as California Industrial Rubber Co., one of the top signs that a hose needs repairs is if there is significant damage present on the outside. While a scuff or a scratch from time to time may be unavoidable, it is important to not use a hose if there is any type of serious or significant damage that can be seen. If the outer covering of the hydraulic hose shows any signs of wear and tear, or if there are crushed sections on the hose or even areas where the wire reinforcement can be seen, it is best to have the hose repaired or even replaced.

Issues with the Fittings

A person may also notice signs of problems with the fittings. These are what are used to attach bulk hoses. While the steel construction is used to help withstand higher levels of pressure and avoid breakage, it is important to note if there are cracks or corrosion present. While signs of white oxidation may not be that big of a concern, be aware of any red rust that has shown up on the fittings. This is a sign that they need to be replaced. It is possible to find new fittings by visiting a company like https://www.cir.net/contact-us/.

Any Type or Size of Leak

It does not matter if the leak has appeared around the fitting or along with the actual hose, this is always a cause for concern. If someone is worried about a leak – of any size – even if it is a tiny pinhole, they should be cautious during an inspection. Do not touch the pressurized hose and remember not to use a hose that may be compromised with a leak. The possibility of a hydraulic oil injury is serious and can be severe. Make sure this does not happen by never using a hose that is leaking or that is suspected to have a leak.

The good news is, replacing a hydraulic hose is not that expensive and it is usually a fairly easy process. Just be sure to find a quality supplier and buy the right type, size, and style of hose for the machine in question. By doing this, it is possible to get the desired results and ensure that none of the issues above will cause problems.

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