Australian Society of Travel Writers Appoints Acclaimed Travel Writer Christina Pfeiffer as Secretary

December 30 07:33 2020
Australian Society of Travel Writers Appoints Acclaimed Travel Writer Christina Pfeiffer as Secretary
Christina Pfeiffer, the renowned Australian travel writer, has been appointed as the Secretary of the prestigious Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW). Christina has more than a decade’s experience with the mainstream media and runs one of the most popular travel websites.

Founder of travel website, Christina Pfeiffer, was appointed as the Secretary of the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) at the Society’s annual general meeting on 16 December 2020. She joins a group of travel journalists, digital publishers, and PR professionals who will steer the Society through unprecedented times. 

The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and famous landmarks worldwide are devoid of visitors while long-established media players have been battling technological disruption that is forcing mass-media organizations to make drastic adjustments to survive a changing landscape. 

This tectonic shift in the media and travel landscapes is shaking the foundations of two well-established industries. Daily consumption of digital media has already accelerated past traditional media, and digital media is starting to define the industry. Many traditional media outlets have closed because of COVID-19. 

‘The era of Gutenberg WordPress has brought about changes as significant as the Gutenberg printing press and with it, plenty of opportunity for those who are flexible and willing to work hard,’ says Christina. She is one of a growing contingent of former journalists forging a path in the new world.  

A prolific freelance writer and photographer who contributed to mainstream media for 12 years before ‘going digital’ in 2015, Christina runs successful website, the ‘Christina Pfeiffer’ YouTube channel (6 million views), and Travel2next is a Pinterest influencer with 2.5 million monthly viewers and a busy Facebook page. 

Five years ago, Christina was run off her feet, jetting around the world on assignments writing and photographing for mainstream media organizations like the Sydney Morning Herald, News Ltd’s Escape, and the South China Morning Post. These days, she is one of a growing number of highly successful print journalists carving out a niche using new media formats.

‘Jumping in at grass-roots level has given me first-hand experience navigating the risks and opportunities of digital transformation along with real-world knowledge of the challenges faced across both industries,’ says Christina Pfeiffer.

Tips on how to navigate the new world:

  1. Learn to multitask – Keep on learning and develop a broad range of skills and continue to expand your arsenal of things you are good at doing. The future is about learning to multitask and being good at a few different things. 

  2. Have an open mind – do not transfer offline business models (and ideals) to the online world, or your progress will be slow.   

  3. Stay connected – stay plugged into industry groups and network with other people who are at different stages of the journey. 

  4. Use new tools – new productivity tools are a boon that can help one person do the work of 10. Learn to use them. 

  5. Set clear goals – make sure you are not chasing conflicting dreams. 

  6. Don’t give up – many talented writers, photographers, and videographers have found success online. 

Christina has been an ASTW member for ten years, serving on the board for four terms. She was Vice President in 2013, Treasurer/Secretary in 2020, and was also a member of the ASTW’s governance sub-committee. 

‘I hope to guide the organization’s digital transformation and steer the ASTW through the changing media and travel landscapes. I also bring a range of broad business skills, including strategy, finance, accounting, and sales, through previous senior corporate roles,’ says Christina Pfeiffer.       

The Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) is the most highly respected travel media body in Australia. Founded in 1975 and incorporated in 2011, it is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting ethical and honest travel and unbiased reporting.

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