New body spray designed by two friends from Miami aims to revolutionize sweaty workouts

December 30 07:57 2020
This technology makes breakthrough to elevate workout experience.

Two sports enthusiasts from Miami, Florida are aiming to tackle the issue of body odor with their all-over body spray deodorant called “GymPerfume”. It is well-known amongst athletes that the perfect workout requires the mind and body to align. Distracting body odor can interrupt focus and preoccupy the mind. Therefore, the exercise requires freedom from unwanted body odor. With odor under control, the mind is free to free to push the body to new levels.

The health and fitness market has seen significant improvements in sportswear, nutrition, and equipment. The world of body odor managements has stayed largely unchanged until now.

GymPerfume eliminates the bacteria that cause bad smells and adds a sensual fragrance. This unisex spray is suitable for high-performance athletes and those just heading outdoor for a walk in the sunshine.

Noam and Eli had the idea back in 2019 after realising that the market was lacking a fragrance designed exclusively for sweaty workouts.

“The majority of sprays on the market do one of two things. They either eliminate sweat entirely, which is unhealthy as sweating removes toxins from your body and regulates temperature; or they mask the smell with strong fragrances which aren’t designed for exercise. We wanted to be able sweat and smell good.” – Eli, CEO

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