Sabina Khan, Ph.D. Launches Book Feeding Your Brain: Eating for Cognitive Power on Maximizing Cognitive Reserve and Nutrition

December 30 10:32 2020
Sabina Khan, Ph.D. Launches Book Feeding Your Brain: Eating for Cognitive Power on Maximizing Cognitive Reserve and Nutrition
Readers get detailed information on how they can improve brain power with nutrition. It’s a comprehensive book offering information based on years of evidence-based research

Sabina Khan, Ph.D. has today announced the release of a new book titled “Feeding Your Brain: Eating for Cognitive Power” to help the world achieve better brain-health through nutrition. 

The book discusses the instrumental relationship between food and health. It also outlines information on the anatomy of the brain, a deep dive into the brain-food connection, and the importance and impact of our hormones, gut health, lifestyle, and diet in preventing cognitive decline.

Readers will be privy to a 10-step plan to protect their mind and strengthen their memory. They also get comprehensive food lists on what to eat and foods to avoid for optimal brain health, numerous screening tools as well as brain-healthy plant-based recipes. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Fulton Books, BookTopia, IndieBound and local book stores.

The author of the book, Dr. Sabina Khan, is a research scientist and licensed clinician with a specialization in treating neurological conditions and women’s health rehab. While attending to patients in her daily practice, she became fascinated with Alzheimer’s Disease and age-related cognitive decline in general. 

Dr. Khan started examining brain images from Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans with a special interest in understanding Alzheimer’s Disease pertaining to genetics and DNA. For many years, patients questioned their risk factors for Alzheimer’s due to their parents’ or grandparents’ having the progressive neurodegenerative disease. After a while, the questions changed, and people started asking what they should eat to prevent or slow down cognitive decline. 

At the time, she wasn’t clear what exactly the best diet would be to mitigate their risk, but it became clear to her that many people intuitively associate food with medicine in ways we don’t always appreciate. This encouraged her to pursue her Ph.D. and research in the area of Neuro-Nutrition studying the impact of nutrition and lifestyle habits on the brain of middle age and older adults. The results of her research into the impact of food on the brain led her into writing this book.

Feeding Your Brain is a book that will change the perception of the entire medical profession on how to manage cognitive decline with excellent nutrition. It offers clear details and guidelines on the right choice of food, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to improve brain functionality.

People who are predisposed to Alzheimer’s Disease will especially find it most helpful. Readers will learn how eating certain foods can help promote brain health and increase memory and mental clarity.

Dr. Sabina Khan’s book is a game-changer. Everyone who values their brain health and wants to learn how to improve it must read it. The author offers groundbreaking information on evidence-based science and research.

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