Businesses seeking boost in sales see huge return on ad investment

December 30 21:06 2020

London, UK – December 30, 2020 – 2020 has been a hard year for the small business. Between closures, changing consumer demands, and the challenges of connecting clients with goods and services, many businesses haven’t been able to keep pace. Entrepreneurs have had to pivot from their traditional marketing practices and brick and mortar shops, to online platforms and marketing, a niche many are unfamiliar with. One business is helping small business to demystifying online advertising.

DRH Media, a company specializing in paid online marketing, has transformed pandemic challenges into business opportunities. In the past year, DRH Media has helped more than 54 business transform and modernize their marketing. In 2020, for each dollar of paid advertising invested, Taha Drah, the founder of DRH Media, has created effective ads that have led to six dollars in return revenue. The agency, which specialized in hands-on, detail-oriented paid online advertising relies on its track record of success and the company’s team of experts.

“Small business owners have had a tough year,” explains Taha Drah. “Entrepreneurs get into business because of what they are good at, now they’re being asked to take on a whole new way of doing business. Prior to the pandemic, many businesses were able to rely on foot traffic for customers and sales, now they’re having to transition to online sales and marketing, and instead of competing with other local businesses, they’re competing with hundreds or thousands of other businesses across the globe. It’s no wonder many business owners are finding it an overwhelming challenge.”

Drah insists that it doesn’t have to be such a struggle to transition to online marketing. His team can provide everything needed to get potential clients to take notice. DRH Media starts the online advertising transition with an audit of existing marketing. His team then discuss a budget with the client. Once the plan is in place, his team creates and targets the ads. Businesses quickly start to see results, and often, an immediate uptick in sales.

“We provide the expertise so that the client can focus on what they do best,” says Drah.

Having helped more than 50 businesses generate in excess of $6 million in revenue in 2020, DRH Media sees the new year as an ideal time for businesses to set up an online advertising plan.

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