Jamilla Phillip Launches Free Introduction for Online Entrepreneurship Courses to Help Others Build Wealth and Success Through Knowledge

December 31 11:51 2020
Jamilla Phillip Launches Free Introduction for Online Entrepreneurship Courses to Help Others Build Wealth and Success Through Knowledge

Known for successfully establishing “The Jam’s Cakes Online Academy,” “Be I.D.E.A.L.,” and “Build Your Own Brand Academy,” Jamilla Phillip is a serial entrepreneur who has faced the everyday struggles that often come with building a business from scratch. After successfully establishing her companies, the business visionary became more determined in helping others as they navigate their way to success. Ultimately, she hopes to use the power of knowledge to help others build generational wealth and success through business. With this vision in mind, she launched “Build Your Own Brand” for aspiring entrepreneurs. To help them even more, she holds free introduction courses as a perfect way to jumpstart a business owner’s passion for learning.

Jamilla Phillip is a fast-rising entrepreneur making enormous strides in the business industry of New York. She is also an author and a licensed psychotherapist serving the community in private practice. She first started her entrepreneurial journey as the founder and creative cake decorator behind the success of “The Jam’s Cakes Online Academy.” What began merely as a passion for baking grew into a six-figure business now known for offering some of the best online classes curated for aspiring baking business owners worldwide. 

As an entrepreneur herself, Jamilla Phillip holds all her struggles as a business owner close to her heart, most especially the industry gap she witnessed when she opened her first business. The cake magnate saw firsthand the shortage of resources for small businesses. From this, she became invested in helping others by launching an online resource of classes designed for entrepreneurs, where knowledge on building a business for long-term success would be the focus. Jamilla provides a wide range of educational content ranging from instructional videos to face-to-face consultations. On top of this, she also introduces students to the mental skills and tactical skills necessary for starting and maintaining a business. 

“The most challenging part of growing a business is finding the right resources that lead you toward success and not failure. I’ve had my share of trial and error and I want my students to understand that I made the mistakes so you won’t have to,” Jamilla Phillip shares. Admittedly, this successful entrepreneur wasted thousands of dollars at the beginning of her journey, signing up for companies that only offered false promises. Determined not to let others experience this, she prioritized giving free introduction courses to help aspirants see the real value of knowledge and learning when it comes to business. “I believe in sharing opportunities and strengthening my community, and this academy does just that,” she says. 

Indeed, Jamilla’s success in the business industry is beyond doubt. But while many may relate success to its monetary aspect, Jamilla views it all from a different point of view. “For me, success means accomplishing your purpose in life. My purpose in life is to continue helping minorities build generational wealth. I want to see our businesses flourish for years and years so we can pass it on to our children and children’s children,” says the rising entrepreneur. 

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