Maaleak Wilbur Rises From Foster Care to Social Media Marketing Sensation

December 31 11:57 2020
Maaleak Wilbur Rises From Foster Care to Social Media Marketing Sensation

Champions are born in the middle of challenges, and successful people are not those who never failed, but those who never quit. The story of Maaleak Wilbur is one of repeated hardship, unyielding determination, and inspiring success.

Maaleak Wilbur is a 20-year-old Social Media Marketing expert, serial entrepreneur, and investor who has worked with many media influencers to establish their brands. He is also a public speaker focused on youth development.

Maaleak had a rather difficult childhood. He spent the better part of his formative and teenage years in foster care, cycling through four different foster homes, three residential homes, and a few group homes. Because Maaleak did not grow up with a family that he could call his own, he was forced to learn how to be as self-dependent as possible and developed a knack for figuring things out for himself.

This independent streak would become pivotal during his life. At the age of 8, he discovered a passion for gaming and delved into it. In four years, he had built up a significant fanbase with 30,000 YouTube subscribers. However, the instability that characterized his childhood meant that he was soon back in the foster care system without access to his YouTube Channel. His extended time away led to his account being hacked, meaning he would have to pick himself up again from scratch.

In 2013, he switched platforms to Facebook and began again – this time centering on relationship advice. His wit and forthright personality endeared him to a new group of followers numbering over 100k. In time, Maaleak expanded to Snapchat and Instagram, increasing his followership by an additional 120k plus. Once again, life came hard at the young man as a series of events landed him in the Witness Protection Program, where he was denied any form of publicity for his safety. During that period, all his social media interactions and pages were suspended.

Maaleak returned to his everyday life and social media publicity when he turned 18 and left the Witness Protection program. Now an adult and still on his own, he took on a couple of jobs to cover the rent while putting himself through school, graduating with honors in due course. Equipped with a dogged determination and an iron will to succeed, he taught himself about trading and investing in the Foreign Exchange market. Ultimately, he was able to generate sustainable income from his efforts in trading and social media marketing.

Since his return to social media, Maaleak has built a network of over 50 million followers across social media platforms making valuable relationships and educational content that resonates with his tribe of followers. Maaleak has a genuine heart for people, helping upcoming influencers establish their brands and build an audience of their own. He also donates more than half of his profits to his supporters and people in need.

Having been through a lot of hardship, Maaleak is passionate about using his life events to inspire people not to lose faith and to know that they can achieve their dreams despite their situation. Although he came from a poor background, he has realized his dreams and made a career out of his hobby.

In the coming years, Maaleak plans on traveling the world as a public speaker. He intends to use his platform to tell his story and mentor young people who might be struggling with their direction in life. He also hopes to invest in businesses and possibly publish an autobiography.

Connect with Maaleak by visiting his website and his social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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