Using Mala Beads for Mind-Body Health and Healing

December 31 15:18 2020
Using Mala Beads for Mind-Body Health and Healing
At Sakura Designs, an artisan mala and jewelry making company from Boulder, Colorado, the company prides itself on its knowledge and selection of mala beads and jewelry made right here in the United States. Whether one has practiced yoga and meditation for years, or is just getting started, mala beads can help them strengthen their practice and bring new healing.

History of Malas

Mala beads have existed in different cultures around the world for thousands of years. Dating as far back as the 8th century these prayer or rosary beads are used for meditation and reciting chants. Traditional mala beads consist of 108 beads, a ‘guru bead’, and three marker beads. They are used to count mantras, affirmations, or to ground and stabilize the mind. When reciting your mantra the guru and marker beads are not counted. Malas with 108 are specific to the Buddhist tradition and have a representative significance.

  • 1 represents the Source. The higher truth or universe.
  • 0 reminds us to be humble, empty, and willing to learn.
  • 8 for infinity, eternity, and timelessness.

Types of Mala Beads

Sakura Designs offers a variety of natural gemstone and wooden mala beads for one to choose from. Whether they are interested in a traditional 108 bead mala for their yoga or meditation practice or a wrist mala for on the go healing and grounding. One can choose their mala beads based on their intention, birthstone, traditional mala, or tassel prayer beads.

Healing Powers of Malas

Different gemstones attract certain energies. Just like each gem looks different, each promotes different types of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. This type of healing is known as reiki healing. Wearing gemstones so that they contact the skin is believed to help realign and heal the body’s chakra. Again, the chakra affected and gemstone healing depends on the type of gemstone selected. One might choose a traditional mala of rose quartz, known for its heart chakra healing powers, to heal one’s crown chakra.

Those interested in what gemstones may be best for them can use Sakura Designs’s gemstone calculator to find their influential numbers by birth date and match them to gems used in mala beads. They encourage everyone to find the perfect, personal mala beads, just for them. Sakura Designs also offer personalized, custom mala bead designs.

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