Benigna Parfums: The Luxury Perfume Brand Set Its Sights on the Big Screen with an Empowering Action Film

December 31 19:53 2020
Benigna Parfums: The Luxury Perfume Brand Set Its Sights on the Big Screen with an Empowering Action Film

A fragrance can be a powerful means of expression. Choosing the right scent is often a difficult task, but Benigna Parfums makes it  easier with its Exquisite Perfume Collection. The collection boasts a luxury niche fragrance that is captivating the world with its blend of artistry and compelling storytelling all wrapped into one. 

In an ultimate move dedicated to the power of storytelling, the story of the exquisite perfumes is set to hit the silver screen, inspired by the company’s exquisite perfumes. Talented screenwriters have been motivated by the company to create a screenplay that aims to inspire and entertain the world with their remarkable three-year journey of formulating and creating some of the world’s best exquisite perfumes. Thus, Impossibility Nonexistent was born. 

Impossibility Nonexistent is a film that aims to encapsulate the Benigna Parfums journey in a fictional lens as it perfectly blends together its elements of action and storytelling to create a seamless whole. The plot revolves around a female protagonist who’s on a mission to produce the world’s most exquisite perfume. Things take a difficult turn when her film’s rival steals her secret formula, and the action starts to ramp up. 

The film is set to release in movie theaters and will begin streaming online in the near future. One important aspect of the film is that it established the role of the protagonist as a woman of color. Impossibility Nonexistent aims to push the boundaries of the perfume industry and the boundaries of cinema as well, going against pre-established stereotypes in action movies that are dominated by male protagonists.

Benigna Parfums prides itself in being an elegant, gender-neutral, and transformative fragrance brand that is giving patrons of the beauty market a wide selection of fragrances that is guaranteed to captivate them. The company has poured its heart and soul toward using the most expensive ingredients combined with superior craftsmanship to create its most luxurious scents. Recently they launched a brand-new fragrance called The Floral Trio, which is yet another stellar entry to their collection.

World-renowned master perfumer Cecile Zarokian talks in detail about the process of producing the Benigna Parfums fragrances in the following YouTube video, highlighting their latest release, The Floral Trio. Each scent is carefully formulated to entice customers toward a harmonious and luxurious sensory experience, packaged in diamond-faceted crystal bottles with hand-cut crystal stoppers, adorned with Swarovski crystals circling the 24-Karat gold plated neck. 

Their perfumes exude luxury and beauty down from the packaging all the way to the scents themselves. The gender-neutral scents bring diversity and a modern, fresh perspective, and the brand stands out for its commitment to sustainability, boasting eco-friendly packaging and refillable bottles.

Benigna Parfums continues to push the boundaries with their extraordinary story and craftsmanship. As a highly socially conscious brand, the company has partnered up with Be Eagle Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed towards encouraging young women around the world to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Benigna Parfums continues to provide a lasting impact in the fragrance industry with its brave and ambitious ideas, which perfectly align with today’s social climate. With its bold moves and its highly relevant ideals, the company is sure to reach greater heights in the years to come.

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