The Buona Companies Collaborate with Tech Startup, Curbsid Beefing Up Customer Service When Life Gets Crazy

December 31 22:15 2020
The Buona Companies Collaborate with Tech Startup, Curbsid Beefing Up Customer Service When Life Gets Crazy

The Buona Companies have announced a new collaboration with Curbsid, a text message-based tool to manage the outdoor pickup order experience for brick & mortar businesses. Buona restaurants began testing Curbsid’s technologies with three stores one month ago. The company representatives state that they are extremely happy with the service provided by Curbsid, and are expanding Curbsid’s technology to all 26 restaurants in Chicagoland.

“There will always be an advantage to using Curbsid. Our drive-thrus often get backed up, and we are lucky that we are busy in drive thru. Anything we can do to really encourage and save our customers time is a great service to provide long term. Our food is great hot, and we want to make sure our customers get it right away.  We can’t imagine this type of service going away once the pandemic has gone away,” says Candice Jordan Director of Marketing at The Buona Companies. “We are super family focused, and Curbsid texting service makes it super simple for families with small children to order online and not have to wait in long lines or unpack the kids to get out of the car.”

“We are really excited to see Buona beef up their customer service. This is how customer loyalty is won. Whether during the pandemic or after, customers expect a smooth and reliable experience when they pickup up their online orders,” says Sam Sabel, Founder of Curbsid. 

The benefits of the collaboration include:

• The text message platform creates reliable and easy to use communication between the restaurant and its customers.
• It ensures an efficient avenue for customers to receive their food quickly, guaranteeing food is served hot.
• It affords Curbsid and Buona the opportunity to collaborate on new functionality, helping to develop an ever-improving customer and restaurant to-go order experience.

About The Buona Companies:  

The Buona Companies were established in 1981 by Joe Buonavolanto, Sr. in Berwyn, IL. He dug the foundation for the restaurant himself as he wanted to leave a legacy for his six children. Buona – The Original Italian Beef originated with the founder’s uncle, “Mr. Beef”. The fast casual restaurant serves Italian sausages, salads, burgers, pizzas, and the legendary Chicago Hot Dogs, all passed down through generations of family recipes. 

The family has since expanded the original location to 26 locations across Chicagoland, and plan to add two more stores in 2021. Three generations of the family continue to run the business at corporate headquarters. The restaurant family recently expanded their signature family recipes to include made to order grilled chicken and fresh pastas. 

In September 2021, The Buona Companies will celebrate their 40th anniversary. The company anticipates gathering to celebrate this milestone at the original location once the threat of COVID-19 has hopefully passed.

About Curbsid: 

Curbsid ( is a text messaging tool for managing customers as they arrive for pickup orders. It allows brick and mortar businesses to provide the best customer services and to communicate effectively with customers waiting for products or services.

Curbsid is waiving subscription fees during the COVID pandemic.

The company was founded in 2020 as a way to help small and mid-size businesses navigate and survive with ever-changing health and safety standards.

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