Divine Derriere Announces the Launch of Corrector Gel with B-White Peptide™, Exclusively Online

January 01 12:15 2021
Targeted skin care solutions to counter dark spots, ingrown hair, age spots and dullness – and more with real, visible results.

SAN FRANCISCO – January 1, 2021 – Divine Derriere partnered with a globally renowned lab located in California to announce the launch of the new B-White Peptide™ Gel. Founded by an inventive formulation chemist who believes that cosmetics should merge science and art together creating targeted treatments formulated to address specific skincare needs and concerns. Solutions to counter dark spots, ingrown hair, age spots and dullness – and more with real, visible results.

Multi-Actives with B-White Peptide™ Corrector Gel is formulated with plant-based ingredients specifically designed to help address the look of discolored areas to blend and enhance the overall skin’s appearance in both intimate areas and sensitive skin. Correct excess pigmentation caused by tanning, hormones or hair removal.

Made with a Cutting-edge 10-percent Active Brightening Complex of Β-White Peptide™ providing soothing and calming relief for skin, while also visibly improve dull & uneven skin, returning a radiant youthful glow.

In the comfort of your home, Divine Derriere Corrector Gel with B-White Peptide™ will help enhance the overall tone of your most private areas. More information can be found at https://divinederriere.com/products/intimate-lightening-10-multi-actives-gel-1-oz

About Divine Derriere

At Divine Derriere, products are developed using the latest research and resources in the industry to formulate a solution focused solely on yielding true satisfying results. Committed to using ingredients that either directly benefit the skin or support the integrity of the formulations. Never taking into consideration whether something is synthetic or natural, instead choosing ingredients based on biocompatibility.

For more information visit www.divinederriere.com

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