Leadership Experience Tour: Raechelle Rae Johnson and Cory Chavis Move to Greater Heights With Shawn Fair

January 06 07:57 2021
Leadership Experience Tour: Raechelle Rae Johnson and Cory Chavis Move to Greater Heights With Shawn Fair

One of the hallmarks of deep-rooted greatness lies in the ability to bring out the best in others. True enough, it is only through reaching out and lending a helping hand that one can truly attain success. And as someone who is topped with an incomparably persevering mindset, Shawn Fair took it upon himself to create a platform geared towards aspiring speakers and budding visionaries. As a result, he came up with the Leadership Experience Tour. 

On a mission to bridge dreamers and aspirants with established industry moguls, the internationally renowned icon in the motivational speaking and training space Shawn Fair stands at the helm of Fair Consulting Group. Since introducing his project, the Leadership Experience Tour, he has been allowing hopeful speakers and leaders to take center stage and giving them the opportunity to shed light on their stories of triumph. In this way, these growth-driven individuals can inspire those who have their eyes set on conquering professional and personal endeavors. 

Being the brilliant mind behind the Leadership Experience Tour, Shawn Fair is not at the forefront of many ventures and empowerment-driven movements. As an expert in an arsenal of areas like corporate leadership, consultation, business development, and coaching, he takes pride in being a part of countless individuals’ success. 

Because of his distinctive approach to engaging, motivating, and inspiring people, Shawn Fair now uses his transformative power and to embolden other speakers to create their own esteemed standing. 

Widely acknowledged for dominating the speaking industry, the Leadership Experience Tour has expanded its reach by adding media to its platform. Currently, Shawn Fair has a TV channel, the Shawn Fair Network, hosted on the OnStage Plus Streaming Platform. In the same way that this visionary leader can identify great speakers, he also has a keen eye for determining those having the potential to become an engaging and entertaining talk show host. For this reason, he strives to maximize talent and take skills to greater heights. 

According to Shawn Fair, two hosts have proven to stand out among the rest—Raechelle Rae Johnson and Cory Chavis. Both of these dynamic speakers have demonstrated unparalleled excellence in terms of bringing incredible energy into the room and interacting with any guest in the most remarkable way possible. Aside from being exceptional hosts, Rachelle and Cory are also published authors whose writing skills have blown the industry away. 

With no plans of slowing down any time soon, Cory Chavis is looking forward to launching his book, “The Vocabulary of Success.” This multifaceted figure teaches individuals and organizations how to create a winning life and a winning culture by teaching critical principles that help from the inside out.

On the other hand, Raechelle Rae Johnson is a three-time author with distinguished works like “Content Marketing Strategy” and “Win Volume 3, I’m Still Standing.” Her third piece, “Women Crushing Mediocrity,” will be released in February of next year. With her impressive credentials and well-grounded expertise, this go-getter arms her clients with foresight, growth, and innovative skills to come up with real-life solutions. 

With much confidence in the plethora of talents worldwide, Shawn Fair is opening Leadership Experience Tour to speakers from different parts of the globe. Boasting a reach of over 250 million, he intends to equip deserving speakers and potential leaders with an astounding degree of exposure that they have never experienced before. And as he continues to take significant strides toward the summit, he invites everyone to take courage and face their adversities with dauntless spirits. 

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