Fritz Colcol is the Social Media Maven Strategically Transforming Entrepreneurs Into Authorities in Their Niches

January 06 21:45 2021
Fritz Colcol is the Social Media Maven Strategically Transforming Entrepreneurs Into Authorities in Their Niches

With a visionary mindset, Fritz Colcol has not only made a significant name for himself in the business industry as a serial entrepreneur, but he has also helped other entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses take their social media game to the next level by tapping on his ingenious PR marketing secrets and the extensive network of connections he has cultivated over the years. Today, the social media maven juggles between running his business endeavors and coaching entrepreneurs on how to grow their brands and presence in the digital space effectively. 

Fritz Colcol is a rising businessman based in Chicago and the owner of restaurants such as Simply Thalia, Thalia Spice, TOMI, and the digital marketing and tech company ABN Circle. He is the co-owner of the apparel brand, Iridium Clothing Co., which has made its way into stores in Atlanta and Chicago. He is also a professional athlete for Men’s Physique in the IPE League and bagged the “Mr. Illinois 2016” title.  

As a go-getter in life, Fritz Colcol has always been dedicated to achieving whatever vision he has for himself and others. Even back in college, he took the bold decision to switch majors from Computer Engineering to Kinesiology Exercise Science upon realizing his profound passion for fitness. While finishing his degree, he incorporated his love for fitness modeling into his Instagram platform, which resulted in a plethora of opportunities, including fitness modeling, coaching, and social media brand affiliations. He then proceeded to work for a top health and wellness startup in Silicon Valley. As its Chief Marketing Officer, he helped the company generate high six figures in only four months. 

His successful contribution to the company fueled his drive towards a more entrepreneurial grind. Eventually, he found himself back in Chicago, establishing several restaurants and a marketing technology company. On top of this, Fritz Colcol pursued his consulting and coaching career, helping entrepreneurs grow their brands through social media and public relations. By positioning their social media presence strategically and through the power of engaging with followers, he helps entrepreneurs establish a large business network and become a rising authority in their respective industries. In essence, he also scales businesses and brings them to the six-figure level and beyond.

Ultimately, he strives to help entrepreneurs and businesses attain a reputable name in their respective industries. He shares extensive knowledge about marketing and branding through his Instagram @fritzlifestyle & @thebossfiles, which houses over 300,000 followers, several podcasts, and speaking engagements. Since 2018, Fritz has generated over six figures annually through his Instagram page alone. He has worked alongside top industry leaders, with Gary Vee as his consistent client for the past year.

Indeed, Fritz Colcol has been making enormous strides in the entrepreneurial arena. His success even landed him the 2019 Hall of Fame Serial Entrepreneurship Award at the Chicago Asian-American. He is also part of the prestigious and exclusive group YEC, which is home to some of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide who are making seven figures under the age of 45. Furthermore, he has also been featured in reputable publications such as Forbes, Thrive Global, and Inc. Magazine, among others.

Today, Fritz Colcol (@fritzlifestyle) has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses leverage their social media presence and transform their online presence into revenue. But what is truly remarkable is the personalized attention he dedicates to every client. More than focusing on finances and taking the business to greater heights, he makes sure to establish long-term relationships built on trust, passion, and determination. From these endeavors, he has not only achieved business success, but he has also found lifelong friends and family along the way.

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