PCT LTD (Stock Symbol: PCTL) is Dedicated to the Vital Mission of Infectious Disease and Microbial Contamination Control in the Healthcare, Agricultural and Oil/Gas Sectors

January 20 15:30 2021
PCT LTD (Stock Symbol: PCTL) is Dedicated to the Vital Mission of Infectious Disease and Microbial Contamination Control in the Healthcare, Agricultural and Oil/Gas Sectors


  • Company Focus on Critically Needed Disinfecting Technologies.

  • Applications in High Revenue Healthcare, Agricultural & Oil/Gas.  

  • Eco-Friendly Product Lines which are in Increasing Demand. 

  • Company Expansion and Revenue Growth Forecasted for 2021. 

  • Financing in Place for New Product and Marketing Development. 

PCTL) focuses on acquiring, developing and providing sustainable, environmentally safe disinfecting, cleaning and tracking technologies. PCTL acquires and holds rights to innovative products and technologies, which are commercialized through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp). 

The mission of PCTL is in the prevention, treatment and control of infectious disease and microbial contamination. The PCTL primary markets are Hospitals & Healthcare, Agriculture and the Oil & Gas Extraction Industry. Currently PCTL resources are concentrated on the successful commercial launches of the patented Annihilyzer System for Infectious Disease Control, perhaps the world’s best system for the prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s), in hospitals and other large health care facilities; and, Pre-Harvest Crop Treatment Systems to eradicate crop-destroying microbial pathogens in high-value agricultural settings.

Currently trading on OTC:PINK tier, PCTL is engaged in applying for listing its common stock to the OTCQB market. PCTL established entry into its target markets with commercially viable products in the United States and now continues to gain market share in the U.S. and U.K.

  • PCTL Discusses 2021 Revenue Potential with The Stock Day Podcast

On January 11thPCTL announced that the CEO of the company, Gary Grieco, joined Stock Day Podcast  host, Everett Jolly to discuss prospects for the coming year. 

Jolly began the interview by asking about PCTL revenue potential for 2021. “In 2020, a massive percentage of revenues came from the sale of fluids and healthcare. This year, on the good side, you’re going to see a decline in the percentage of the reliance on fluids and healthcare because we are growing in the other areas,” explained Grieco. He then shared that while fluid and healthcare will continue to be their primary revenue sources, the leasing and selling of equipment is expected to increase significantly.

“Looking into 2021, as a break down of the revenues, we feel about 40% will be coming from fluids and healthcare, 20% from leasing and selling equipment, and 40% for agriculture and oil and gas,” said Grieco.

Jolly then asked about the PCTL growing list of distributors. Grieco elaborated on the various types of distributors, as well as the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We finished the year very strong, and we’re back to our summer levels in revenues,” said Grieco, adding that PCTL intends to add more distributors throughout 2021 with a focus on the sanitization and janitorial industries. “They are shifting from the caustic chemicals to our products.”

The conversation then turned to the PCTL evolving team as they continue to grow and expand. “The first major move was with Marion Sofield,” shared Grieco. “We’re redeploying her; she is becoming Vice President and Secretary of PCTL, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, and importantly, is now in charge of special projects,” said Grieco. “To replace her, we’ve engaged Sheldon Smith as CFO, who is an attorney and CPA,” he continued. “In general, we currently have 14 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees,” said Grieco, noting that PCTL also has 3 consultants to help grow their oil and gas, agricultural and other markets. “We’re up to around 18-19 people. We’re doing it because the demand is there, and we’re going to have to do it to grow the way that we expect to this year.”

“Do you have any idea about what your run rate will be in 2021?” asked Jolly about PCTL. “We see $10 million as our minimum and we expect that we can go substantially higher,” said Grieco. “We’re very comfortable with stating ten million for 2021, which will be a substantial multiple over 2020.”

To close the interview, Grieco shared that PCTL has continued to establish itself in the fluid and healthcare industry, as well as the oil, gas, and agriculture industries. “The upsides are immense on gross revenues and we’re just scratching the surface,” said Grieco. “We’ll be deploying our Series II equipment out, both in healthcare and our large volume machines, this month,” he added. “We continue doing R&D to improve these things, and that it gives us the ability to branch out into other industries,” said Grieco. 

To hear Gary Grieco’s entire interview, follow the link to the podcast here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7769222-pct-ltd-discusses-2021-revenue-potential-with-the-stock-day-podcast.

  • Additional $150K Conventional Convertible Funding from RB Capital Partners, Inc.

On December 31st PCTL) announces that in addition to the previous financing with RB Capital Partners, Inc. the company has executed and received a further $150,000 conventional, convertible loan with 5% annual interest and a $0.10/share fixed conversion rate. PCTL has earmarked a large portion of these monies for the build and completion of 4 Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems for the Healthcare Industry and the completion of 3 pieces of the PCTL Legacy equipment. 

  • Installations of Annihilyzer® Hospital Equipment 

On December 17thPCTL reported the successful installation of four rack-mounted Annihilyzer® systems in another new NYC hospital through the efforts of PCTL distributor, ACE Janitorial. In addition, two more Annihilyzer® systems are slated for installation in another NYC hospital at the beginning of 2021. The newly installed PCTL Annihilyzer® systems are providing hospitals and the healthcare industry at large with cutting edge disinfecting and decontaminating solutions that combat microbial infection during this global pandemic.

For more information on PCT LTD (PTCL) visit: https://www.para-con.com.

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