Perfect Between Dog Baths, Plenti Pets Introduces Antibacterial+ Antiseptic Wipes To Their Range

January 25 16:06 2021
Pet Health Care Products.

No dog should have to suffer the pain of having dry itchy skin. Yet, there are times when their adventurous nature cant help but roll around in the dirt. Let’s face it, pet owners may not always have time to give their pet a bath after they decide to romp in the dirt.

That’s why Plenti Pets™ made it their mission to help dog owners help their dogs! Their brand new Antibacterial+ Antiseptic wipes, formulated by vets, are a unique solution dog owners have been craving. They are easy to use and assist in healing most irratating skin infections in dogs.

Hot spots, fungal infections, itch rashes and chronic scratching are common in most dogs. They can cause low to extreme pain, especially if left untreated. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a recent study on dog behavior found that misbehaving dogs was linked to the underlying skin condition issues causing chronic itching.

They say ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a cure’. This is definitely the Plenti Pets mission. The founders of Plenti Pets, being dog lovers themselves, wanted to find a way to relieve dogs of the irritating pain. As being busy people themselves, they understood the need to find an easy to use, efficient, cost effective way to clean their dog. While also ensuring that most ‘dogs’ were happy. That’s how the Antibacterial+ Antiseptic wipes were born.

Plenti Pets Antibacterial+ Antiseptic wipes are pre-moistened wipes that are antimicrobial and antifungal. With unique ingredients like chlorhexidine and ketoconazole, they help relieve symptoms of fungal and bacterial infections like hot spots, ringworm, and acne.

Not only do the wipes soothe skin with a water-based, earth-friendly, “non-sting” solution for sensitive skin. They are also pleasantly deodorized to leave pets feeling fresh and smelling clean.

Furthermore they work to eliminate bacteria and yeast that actually cause skin problems.

Plenti Pets™ had this to say. “This is a definite must-have for dog owners who love their dogs and want to ensure their best friend is looked after and remains itch and pain free.”

The good news is that all products are made in the USA and made according to strict quality control in a USA GMP certified facility. Which means they are a trustworthy brand.

The Plenti Pets™ team is excited to continue innovating and supporting their customers through game changing products. Made to assist with the health of beloved furry friends in any family. More information can be found at

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Plenti Pets products are made with love in the USA. They have teamed up with animal nutritionist experts & a team of top American vets to develop a range of specialised supplements, designed to replenish the essential nutrients pets are not getting from commercial diets.

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