Korean Private Companies Enter Their Services for COVID-19 Situation

February 01 20:24 2021

Korea’s response to COVID-19 is famous especially for its well-managed immigration process and quarantine instruction. Although Korea has tightened their immigration rules, foreigners such as international students and working visa holders are steadily coming in.

Panoramic photograph of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Foreigners holding long-term visas (more than 91 days) can be self-isolated [Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], but foreigners who have no connections to Korea find it hard to visit government-approved quarantines through Airbnb. Also, it is difficult for foreigners who are not good at Korean to communicate with public office and there are many other restrictions such as getting foods and ordering items.

(Source: LIVABLE KOREA Instagram)

So companies that help these quarantine procedures have appeared these days.

The LIVABLE Korea offers services that match Korean hosts with mid-term rental contracts and helps them communicate with hosts for foreigners. LIVABLE’s founders share foreigners’ difficulties and hardships based on their studying abroad experience. They also provide essential updated information and entertaining content regarding Korea with their service.

LIVABLE launched a self-quarantine package for COVID-19. All-in-one services are provided during isolation, including isolation facilities, food packages, and quarantine procedure assistance services that help with the entire isolation process. It is good news for international students with little budget as they provide these service packages at about half the cost of government isolation of more than 2 million won. (Source: http://bit.ly/livablekorea)

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