Holistic Self Optimization with State of the Art Treatments at NIIU

February 01 21:03 2021
Biohacking enthusiasts with years of expertise in healthcare, regenerative medicine and high-performance athletics establish NIIU, a boutique health optimization concept. NIIU offers its clients a variety of treatments, including vitamin infusions, botox & fillers, cryotherapy, lymphatic massage and much more.

NIIU defines health as a combination of physical, mental and social well-being. A balanced diet, regular exercise, 8 hours of sleep and optimal nutritional balance – the preventive ingredients to living a healthy life might seem like a tall order, especially in today´s hectic world. Consequently, more and more people suffer from diminished physical and mental performance, weight gain, and often also depression and disease. NIIU, situated in Munich and currently opening locations throughout Germany, offers its community a variety of medical, wellness & aesthetic tools to improve recovery, performance, mindfulness, sleep and beauty. NIIU’s mission is to help its clients maximize biological potential while balancing their urban lifestyles.

Standing in a full-body cold chamber at almost -100 degrees Celsius for several minutes might feel like an odd path to health. But the trend known as cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular. Cryotherapy uses ultra-low temperatures to create a variety of health benefits. This treatment has its origin in professional sports due to its ability to reduce recovery times. Further, a significant reduction in body temperature during the treatment leads to a boost of the metabolic rate during the hours afterwards as the body exerts energy to warm up again. Cryotherapy can also help treat migraines by cooling and numbing nerves in the neck area. NIIU is an intriguing place to try this treatment – they have Munich’s first full-body cryo chamber with electric cooling and therefore offer its clients a state-of-the-art cryotherapy experience. After visiting NIIU’s full-body cryo chamber, many feel fresh, happy and full of energy as the “cold shock” drives production of the “happy” hormones (dopamine, endorphin, serotonin, oxytocin).

As the counterpart of cryotherapy, far infrared heat blankets are gaining popularity as an immune system booster and detoxification tool, helping many to improve sleep quality and reduce mood swings. Far infrared delivers warmth far beyond the skin, therefore raising core temperature and creating an artificial fever, one of the strongest immune responses of the human body. Far infrared treatments can also play a crucial part in weight loss – NIIU’s 55 minute heat session often leads to a heart rate of 100-120 during the second half of the treatment. After the treatment, many customers report deep and relaxed sleep while thermoregulation continues to play its role in burning calories for many hours to come, until core temperature normalizes again.

Need to relax after a hectic week? Visit NIIU for their 45-minute NIIU SQUEEZE lymphatic massage. Many customers use this treatment as a form “me-time” and perform a guided meditation at the same time. NIIU’s lymphatic massage improves blood circulation, boosts muscle recovery, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system by flushing out toxins.

A further key component of NIIU’s treatment offering are vitamin infusions as well as bioanalysis. As a former semi-professional soccer player, Dr. med. Julian Maurer (medical director at NIIU) has a decade of experience in performance and recovery improvement through orthomolecular medicine. Dr. Maurer and his team offer a wide variety of all natural vitamin infusions and can also tailor infusion therapies to individual needs and goals through state-of-the-art bioanalysis tools.

Additionally, NIIU offers minimally invasive beauty procedures but is careful to differentiate its offering from conventional beauty practices. Dr. Maurer and his team have developed NIIU natural aesthetics through many years of experience in aesthetic medicine. While specializing in minimally invasive procedures like Botox injections, Hyalurone fillers and PRP, Dr. Maurer and his team focus on optimizing – and not changing – appearance. This subtle and careful approach prioritizes a fresh, natural look and is also reflected in the pricing of NIIU Natural Aesthetics – every patient can return free of charge within the first two weeks post treatment if they feel like they want to “add more”.

NIIU is currently offering a 20% discount on various treatments, so everyone can conveniently kickstart their own path and reach their biological potential.

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