Covid-19 = Cavities+2 : The Average Number of Cavities Increases by 2 Since Covid-19 Shutdown, Dentist at Sante Family Dental in Kitchener, ON Addresses This Problem

February 03 14:57 2021
Covid-19 = Cavities+2 : The Average Number of Cavities Increases by 2 Since Covid-19 Shutdown, Dentist at Sante Family Dental in Kitchener, ON Addresses This Problem

Kitchener, ON – Sante Family Dental focuses on total health dentistry in Kitchener, Ontario. The dentist, Ali Farahani DDS, has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years always searching for the root causes of disease. Dr. Farahani is proud to be addressing the dental care and treatment needs of patients in the area, especially since he discovered the increase in the number of cavities in adult patients since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Dr. Ali Farahani of Sante Family Dental has discovered that since the lockdown, some adult patients have recorded an average of two more cavities than usual. The increase in cavities has not only affected adult patients with a history of cavities but even patients who previously have never had cavities.

The principal dentist at Sante Family Dental noted that the increase in the average number of cavities found in some adult patients could be a result of increased stress which leads to inflammatory effects; increased snack intake; as well as irregular sleep patterns created by the Covid-19 shutdown leading more adults to go to bed late, thus, often skipping their nightly tooth brushing session before going to bed.

While this problem has become common and may grow while the pandemic and shutdown continues, this holistic dental clinic is focused on helping patients to address the condition while also equipping them with the information needed to help them prevent future recurrence of the dental problems.

Ali Farahani DDS, who has published articles in Alive magazine and has contributed to articles in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and numerous other publications,  recommends that patients avoid getting cavities by staying true to the best dental care and hygiene practices. In his office, his hygienists provide gentle and thorough cleanings that not only remove cavity-causing plaque but also gently remove immune-distressing biofilm from the entire mouth. The dentist also recommends that patients pay further attention to boosting their immune system which further protects them from cavities and gum disease.

Beyond encouraging patients to stay healthy by adopting good health habits like exercising, getting fresh air, maximizing their vitamin intake (especially Vitamin D) and paying closer attention to oral health; Dr. Farahani also offers the Total Health Dentistry podcast; a dentist-to-patient podcast that educates the public on oral health for all ages from babies to seniors, including pregnant moms and their yet-to-be-born infants.

The dentist added, “A healthy mouth can make you feel fresh – like getting a new haircut – it makes you feel good and inspires you to accomplish tasks (like writing that essay or cleaning that closet) – you just get more done when you feel refreshed. Keeping your immune system strong is vital during these times and having a healthy and clean mouth is central to that. As an essential service, our dental clinic is open, so don’t hesitate to call us today for your cleaning and checkup if you are overdue.”

Sante Family Dental remains open during the pandemic and is focused on taking steps to protect the health and safety of its staff and patients.

Get started on a journey to a refreshed oral health with Sante Family Dental located at 920 King St W, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1G4. View the Google Map for this location at For total health dental solutions, contact their team by calling 519-208-9009 to schedule an appointment. For additional information regarding their services, visit the dental office’s website at

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